Grades 1-3

 1st Grade

Mrs. McLAren, Mr. Goldberg and Ms. Williams

All Westside first grade classrooms are part of a state-funded High/Scope Program. Some benefits of this program include a full-time educational assistant in every classroom. Students also enjoy abundant opportunities to learn outside of the school through field trips into the community. Our classes are filled with interesting and fun educational resources to enhance the goal of active, hands-on learning. We emphasize all the core academics in our classrooms, especially reading and math. In our learning centers, students get a chance to experience a variety of learning activities.

2nd Grade

Mr. Stauber, Ms. Loeffel, Ms. Miceli and Mr. Jung

Students in second grade at Westside Academy I focus on reading, writing and math. This year, we have introduced the Six Traits writing program. This program helps students understand the writing process and apply it to their own writing. Students also enjoy art, physical education and computer lab.

 3rd Grade

Mrs. Sandner, Mrs. Longmire-Piggie and Mrs. Beamon-Lewis

We have a wonderful third grade at Westside Academy! Teachers use the HMH / Journeys curriculum in reading. Students also focus on the math basics. We also prepare our third graders to meet the challenges at Westside Academy II, where they will be in an environment with fourth through eighth graders. Our third graders are ready for the challenges ahead!