Welcome to Vincent High School

Three Choice Enrollment February 1-19, 2016

Vincent High School offers career-focused programs meeting the interests and needs of youth. In grades 9 and 10, students focus on high-level skill development and gaining academic skills proficiency. In grades 11 and 12, students participate in advanced courses and internships. Students can take up to four AP courses at Vincent, which can result in both high school and college credit. We offer a number of facilities that support our new Urban Agriculture educational programming including a greenhouse, hoop house, animal room, landscape equipment, aquaponics and outdoor study areas. The new program connects agriculture with the science and technology departments offering students courses that cover: introduction to urban agriculture; veterinary science; biotechnology/biofuels; landscape and design; urban gardening/horticulture; aquaponics; greenhouse techniques; food science; and botany. Families can enroll in this school using the online application at mpsmke.com/EnrollMPS.