Ciao and welcome to Victory School – Italian Immersion – Gifted and Talented

Winter Is Coming!

The weather outside is frightful…. so wear a coat! Parents, please make sure your children are dressed for the lovely frigid Wisconsin weather that will be upon us. Recess is NOT indoors unless it is below ZERO. So bundle up kiddies and wear a coat. You’re not cool… unless you wear a coat!

 Interest Afternoons Are Back!

Interest Afternoons began on Wednesday January 15th. This was a hit last year as students learned about crafting, dance, music, math games, CPR, and other interesting aspects of life. Stay tuned to see what will be offered this year!

 Victory Is Practing Kindness

Kindness is as easy as a compliment or a smile. This week, Victory students are practicing giving compliments and smiles out to classmates, teachers and strangers. Practice kindness…it’s contagious.  





NEW Start Times

Parents, please be advised of the NEW start time for Victory School. Victory’s new bell times are 7:35 A.M – 2:25 P.M. Students MUST arrive to school NO LATER than 7:35 A.M. Breakfast will be served for student who arrive by 7:30 A.M. Only exception to this rule are students arriving late due to bussing. Please make note of this. Attendance is crucial for a successful education, this includes being on time. Instruction time is lost and tardiness causes disruption in class for other students.

School Supplies List

Parents, classrooms are always in need of tissue, disinfectant wipes, and gallon size Zip-Loc bags. Both teachers and students use these materials throughout the year. Please consider bringing in these items throughout the year to assist with organization and cleanliness.

Lunch Information

Cost for school lunch this year will be $2.25 per lunch. Please check to see if your family may qualify for free/reduced lunch by clicking LUNCH APP for the online application or PAPER APP for the paper version. Return all paper applications to the main office ASAP. Lunch can now also be paid online! Click PAYMENT for the online payment option.