All-School Enrollment Fair
Learn about great school options in MPS! Visit with staff from every school.

Saturday, January 31, 2015
9:00 a.m. – Noon
Milwaukee High School of the Arts
**Please park in the east and west lots. Enter at Door 9.

More information and a promotional video for the fair is available online.

Awesome Times At Victory School!


Welcome Back!

Winter break is a fantastic time to recharge, visit family and friends, and relax. Now that the battery is all charged up again, it’s time to get back to work here at Victory.

MAP testing is underway here at Victory. Huge gains have been reported across the board, especially in middle school. The testing window closes this week, so do  your very best. High five to all students at Victory!

Interim Report card will be sent home soon. Please make sure to take a look and address any concerns or questions with your student’s teacher. This is a midway point report of how your child is progressing in his or her grade level.


Sharp Literacy events are taking place. Victory has been a long time partner with Sharp Literacy which allows students to experience learning through the lens of different types of art. Trips to the art museum will start soon.

PTO has been on the move raising money through the Walking Taco fundraiser to prepare for the Valentine’s Day Dance. Stay tuned for more info.


Kid President…Preach!


  Need a little encouragement? Check out …



Upcoming Events. . .

1/31/15 – MPS Enrollment Fair – MHSA 

 2/13/15 PTO Valentine’s Day Dance


Morning Announcements Have Returned!

Thank you to Mr. Barton and Mr. Falsetti’s 5/6 class for their awesome job at keeping the school informed. Click here to watch the latest video.


Attendance is mandatory!

Remember 95% attendance  results in a successful educational experience. Strive for excellence and hit that 95%. School Year Calendar is available by clicking here!

 Start Time: 7:35 A.M – 2:35 P.M. 

Make note of the new  times. Students, you MUST arrive to school on time. Being tardy not only disrupts your learning, but also the learning of other students in the classroom. Be courteous and be on time! If you are eating breakfast at school, you MUST go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival. Breakfast is ONLY served from 7:20 – 7:30. Accommodations will be made for late busers by administration. If you stay outside to socialize and play, you will NOT be let in to breakfast late. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be there and be ready!

 Behavior Expectations:  PBIS

Make sure to review the PBIS, (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) expectations here at Victory. Click here for the Victory’s Eagle Expectations video!    HERE IS THE NEW VIDEO! THANK YOU SPENCER BLESI!

 Middle School:   7th & 8th Graders

Middle school Parent/Teacher meetings will be taking place this year. Please click Victory 7th-8th Grade Meeting Dates to see the times and dates so that you can participate. Also, it’s never too early to explore high school choices. Click MPS High School Open House Dates 14-15 to see times and dates of high school open house times.

 Dress Code:

Respectful and Appropriate Clothing

Being comfortable and ready for learning is important to both student and teacher. Please remember that you live in Wisconsin, which experiences all four seasons. Students MUST dress appropriately for the weather. Also, please dress respectfully for both yourself and for your fellow students. Clothing that is too revealing, short, tight, or baggy is NOT permitted here at Victory. Parents, take a quick note of your student(s) before they leave and support our school’s mission in respectful and appropriate clothing.

 School Supplies List:  2014-15

Parents please click here for a supplies list for your student(s).  Remember to add :  4 boxes of tissue, 2 disinfectant wipes, and 2 boxes of gallon size Zip-Loc bags.

These materials are always needed for every classroom and are in high need throughout the year. Please consider asking your child’s teacher if they are in need of more as the year progresses.

 Lunch Information: 2014-15

As of now, MPS will be offering free breakfast and lunch to ALL of its students. If you are a cold lunch student and want a milk, you will have to purchase that separately at a cost of $0.40. Please note, if you are going to receive a free lunch just for the free milk, the extra food taken becomes a waste. Please be mindful of your choices.