Awesome Times At Victory School!

How Many Days Until The End Of The School Year? 


It’s hard to believe another school year has come and gone. There have been so many awesome things that have happened, and a few heartbreaking moments as well. Students and staff have grown to become amazing people, learning from one another. As this year closes, make sure to thank anyone who has helped you along the way. Close the door to this school year, but keep the path open for the next adventure.

The Haps!

Some information to keep track of in the following weeks. Time will fly by so put this in your phone.

June 8th — Community meeting about full immersion — 6:00pm


June 11th — 8th Grade Completion


Please pay close attention for field trip forms coming home for end-of-the-year trips.


This 2014-15 school year let’s remember the people that made a difference, the school events that promoted friendships, and learning that paved the road ahead.

Victory would like to say thank you to the following:

Parents – Without your children, we wouldn’t have a school! On a more serious note, thank you for trusting Victory to educate your child while providing a safe environment for learning.

Students – Without your unique flavor and style, Victory would be a pretty boring place.

Staff – Without your dedication to education, your love of teaching, and your patience from a higher power, this year would have been difficult for all involved.

Special Recognition – A special thank you to the following staff members for going above and beyond!

  • Mr. Saindon – For putting together the winter & spring concerts, as well as the drum line
  • Ms. Lampone, Ms. Carini, and Mr. Kaftan – For coaching our soccer and volleyball teams
  • Ms. Shawna and our PTO – For all the fundraising, school events, and donations to help out the school
  • Mr. Barton and Ms. Zizzo – For your consistent and continuous bus duty leadership
  • Ms. Graziano & Ms. Rahlf – For your work with PBIS and hall passes
  • Our ESL and SpED dept – For your efforts to make sure every child has the accommodations necessary to succeed
  • Ms. LaGrutta, Ms, Lupoli, Ms. Bozano, and Ms. Fracchia – For traveling across the ocean to work in our Italian Immersion program. Grazie!
  • Ms. Hucke, Ms. Malone, and Ms. O’Brien – For leading our STEM program and for allowing the 8th graders a chance to show their stuff on channel 6
  • Ms. Kaur – For being the staff support person
  • Ms. Domagalski – For spreading kindness
  • Ms. Schwanz – For making our Victory family a bit bigger with Jillian
  • Ms. Sally – For helping Victory students with winter clothing and our families
  • Ms. Laurel – For helping Victory students break down barriers and transform behavioral habits
  • Ms. Falsetti – For being WisItalia’s Teacher Of The Year
  • Ms. M – For being Victory’s Teacher Of The Year
  • Ms. J – For coming to the rescue so quickly for one of our families that lost everything in a fire
  • Ms. Rita – For bringing us the Kohl’s design peeps and the Ronald McDonald fitness guy
  • Ms. Laurenzi – For being injury control throughout the day
  • Mr. Ricciardi – For caroling through the school during the holidays and for after school detention.
  • Ms. Graber – For attending meetings, leading spirit day, and for saying, “buongiorno” every morning.

If there was ANYONE that was missed in this list, which there always is, THANK YOU (GRAZIE) for everything that you do! You are appreciated, even if the webmaster doesn’t know everything that everyone did.

 In Memory…

Victory lost 2 of it’s students this year. Thank you to Ms. Sally and Ms. Laurel who assisted our students, as well as the Crisis Team of MPS. A Thank you also to Ms. Traci, our school secretary, for her foresight in collaborating quickly to access the  Crisis Team for our staff and students during these tragic times. Peace and love to the families and friends of these students.

 L’angolo Italiano (Italian Corner)

On April 19th was Victory Italian Immersion’s 6th annual Pizzeria Piccola fundraiser. A huge grazie to Maestro Falsetti, for setting up the fundraiser, as well as to the amazing Italian Immersion Crew that came out to serve up some hot pies, and to the Victory staff that came out to support the Italian program and the students.Most importantly, mille grazie to the students and parents of the Italian Immersion Program. Thank you for your continued support.

Congrats to WisItalia’s Teacher of the Year, our own Maestro Falsetti. He was honored on April 18th by WisItalia and Peter Barca for his continuous dedication to Italian education. Bravo Maestro.

WISN Shout Outs! The Italian Immersion program at Victory will be wishing you Buongiorno in the early mornings. Make sure to tune in and see some of the teachers and students representing the Italian Immersion program.

Maestra Laurenzi’s 3rd graders aired on March 10th, click HERE to see the shout out.

Maestro Falsetti’s 5th/6th graders aired March 16th, click HERE to see it.

Maestra Zizzo, and Maestra LaGrutta’s shout out aired on March 19th, click HERE to see it. Buongiorno Milwaukee!

 Victory Eagle Sports Update

Our Co-Ed Volleyball team, coached by Ms. Carini, had an amazing season!

Our Co-Ed Indoor Soccer team, coached by Ms. Lampone, pulled together to end the season in style!

Our Co-Ed Outdoor Soccer team, coached by Mr. Kaftan, had their last game cancelled due to the rain. Stay tuned to see if there is a make-up date.

Attendance is mandatory!

Remember 95% attendance  results in a successful educational experience. Strive for excellence and hit that 95%. School Year Calendar is available by clicking here!

 Start Time: 7:35 A.M – 2:35 P.M. 

Make note of the new  times. Students, you MUST arrive to school on time. Being tardy not only disrupts your learning, but also the learning of other students in the classroom. Be courteous and be on time! If you are eating breakfast at school, you MUST go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival. Breakfast is ONLY served from 7:20 – 7:30. Accommodations will be made for late busers by administration. If you stay outside to socialize and play, you will NOT be let in to breakfast late. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be there and be ready!

 Behavior Expectations:  PBIS

Make sure to review the PBIS, (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) expectations here at Victory. Click here for the Victory’s Eagle Expectations video!    HERE IS THE NEW VIDEO! THANK YOU SPENCER BLESI!

 Middle School:   7th & 8th Graders

Middle school Parent/Teacher meetings will be taking place this year. Please click Victory 7th-8th Grade Meeting Dates to see the times and dates so that you can participate. Also, it’s never too early to explore high school choices.

 Dress Code:

Respectful and Appropriate Clothing

Being comfortable and ready for learning is important to both student and teacher. Please remember that you live in Wisconsin, which experiences all four seasons. Students MUST dress appropriately for the weather. Also, please dress respectfully for both yourself and for your fellow students. Clothing that is too revealing, short, tight, or baggy is NOT permitted here at Victory. Parents, take a quick note of your student(s) before they leave and support our school’s mission in respectful and appropriate clothing.

 School Supplies List:  2014-15

Parents please click here for a supplies list for your student(s).  Remember to add :  4 boxes of tissue, 2 disinfectant wipes, and 2 boxes of gallon size Zip-Loc bags.

These materials are always needed for every classroom and are in high need throughout the year. Please consider asking your child’s teacher if they are in need of more as the year progresses.

 Lunch Information: 2014-15

As of now, MPS will be offering free breakfast and lunch to ALL of its students. If you are a cold lunch student and want a milk, you will have to purchase that separately at a cost of $0.40. Please note, if you are going to receive a free lunch just for the free milk, the extra food taken becomes a waste. Please be mindful of your choices.