Ciao and welcome to Victory School

G.E. Community Day

Mille Grazie to our GE Volunteers who came out Thursday, August 21st, to help make Victory school beautiful.



Victory’s Open House

Wanting to meet your child’s teacher? Needing to drop off school supplies? Have a few last minute questions? Quench your curiosity and come out to our open house night.

Thursday, August 28th from 5:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. Victory’s doors will be open to accomodate your school questions and  needs. We’ll see you there!

 School is coming. Need a little encouragement? Click here for a laugh or here for some sound advice.


School begins on…

Tuesday, September 2nd!

Parents and students please make sure to read the important information below to best prepare for a successful and smooth school year.


Start Time: 7:35 A.M – 2:25 P.M. 

Make note of the new start times. Students, you MUST arrive to school on time. Being tardy not only disrupts your learning, but also the learning of other students in the classroom. Be courteous and be on time!


Attendance:   Goal 95%

Attendance is mandatory! Remember 95% attendance  results in a successful educational experience. Strive for excellence and hit that 95%. School Year Calendar is available by clicking here!


Behavior Expectations:  PBIS

Make sure to review the PBIS, (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) expectations here at Victory. Click here for the Victory’s Eagle Expectations video! A new video will be out soon!


Dress Code:

Respectful and Appropriate Clothing

Being comfortable and ready for learning is important to both student and teacher. Please remember that you live in Wisconsin, which experiences all four seasons. Students MUST dress appropriately for the weather. Also, please dress respectfully for both yourself and for your fellow students. Clothing that is too revealing, short, tight, or baggy is NOT permitted here at Victory. Parents, take a quick note of your student(s) before they leave and support our school’s mission in respectful and appropriate clothing.


School Supplies List:  2014-15

Parents please click here for a supplies list for your student(s).  Remember to add :  4 boxes of tissue, 2 disinfectant wipes, and 2 boxes of gallon size Zip-Loc bags.

These materials are always needed for every classroom and are the materials in high needs throughout the year. Please consider asking your child’s teacher if they are in need of more as the year progresses.