Early Childhood Education

Milwaukee Public Schools offers many early childhood options to provide our youngest learners with a solid foundation for lifelong learning. These programs include Head Start, state-licensed early childhood centers, K3/K4 kindergarten, and HighScope in K5 and first grade. In addition, many K5–3 classrooms offer small class sizes thanks to SAGE funding. Head Start Head Start is a federal program that provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families. The program's services and resources are designed to foster stable family relationships, enhance … [More]


Career and Technical Education

Milwaukee Public Schools Career and Technical Education develops and supports career-themed curriculum, work-based learning and community partnerships to prepare students for college and careers in high demand, high skill industries. MPS CTE program areas include advanced manufacturing, engineering, transportation/automotive, construction/architecture, health, business, information technology, marketing, media/graphics and urban agriculture. CTE programming is offered at 30 schools in grades 6-12 to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, disability, creed or gender. All programs are directly tied to labor market … [More]



Milwaukee Public Schools offers the nation's largest collection of public Montessori schools. The Montessori method is based on the research of Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori (1870-1952), who developed the educational philosophy after scientifically observing children in learning environments. Dr. Montessori found that children have the effortless ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings and develop confidence by teaching themselves. She developed educational plans based on the natural behavior of a child, untouched by adult commands, classroom competition or regimented schedules. Dr. Montessori’s philosophy … [More]


Language Immersion

Milwaukee Public Schools has long been known for its language immersion specialty schools, which offer immersion in French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, sign language and Spanish. In a language immersion school, students learn core subjects in the immersion language. The goal is for students to become proficient in the second language while reaching a high level of academic achievement. Students develop proficiency in the second language by hearing and using it to learn all of their school subjects rather than by studying the language itself. Language immersion schools typically require prior language experience before enrolling … [More]


Bilingual Education & ESL

Milwaukee Public Schools offers several bilingual and English as a Second Language (ESL) and immersion programs all aimed at preparing students for today's global economy while encouraging cultural pride and tolerance. MPS proudly offers Spanish/English bilingual education, bilingual education for students of Asian descent and two-way bilingual education. Students are taught in both English and their first language. Two-way bilingual teaches English-speaking students Spanish. Contact the school for eligibility requirements. Click here to see a list of schools that offer bilingual education. MPS also offers English as a Second Language … [More]


Neighborhood Schools

Neighborhood schools accept children from the neighborhood surrounding the school before enrolling children from other areas. Like all MPS schools, our neighborhood schools are focused on college and career readiness through the district’s Comprehensive Literacy Plan and Comprehensive Math/Science Plan, both of which are aligned to the rigorous Common Core State Standards. Neighborhood schools do take students who live outside the neighborhood but within the school’s region if seats are available. We recommend your neighborhood school, also known as an attendance-area school, as your first choice.   … [More]


Project Lead The Way (PLTW)

Milwaukee Public Schools is home to the nation’s largest concentration of students involved in Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a rigorous, nationally-recognized program that utilizes hands-on learning to connect students to science, technology, math and engineering. Approximately 5,800 middle- and high-school-age students take part in Project Lead the Way’s engineering programs in more than 30 MPS schools. Nearly half of the students participating in those PTLW programs in MPS are female and roughly 85% are students of color. Even more MPS students participate in Project Lead the Way biomedical engineering programs. Students participating in … [More]


Advanced Placement

Through Advanced Placement's college-level courses and exams, high school students can earn college credit and advanced placement, stand out in the college admissions process, and learn from some of the most skilled, dedicated, and inspiring teachers in the world. From the moment you enter an AP classroom, you'll notice the difference—in the teacher's approach to the subject, in the attitude of your classmates, in the way you start to think. In AP classrooms, the focus is not on memorizing facts and figures. Instead you'll engage in intense discussions, solve problems collaboratively, and learn to write clearly and persuasively. The AP … [More]


Enrollment for the fall is open on a first-come, first-served basis!


Milwaukee Public Schools has the greatest variety of high-performing programs in the city, from strong traditional neighborhood schools to arts, Career and Technical Education (CTE), International Baccalaureate, language immersion and Montessori specialty schools to charter schools. Enrollment for the fall is now open on a first-come, first-served basis. (Some schools may have filled during the Three-Choice Enrollment period, which ended February 21. If you participated in our Three-Choice Enrollment Process, enrollment letters for 2014-15 are on their way!) Immediate enrollment for the current school year is also available.

Enrollment is as easy as one, two, three!

One: Find the school or schools that are right for you and your child. You can use this site to find a school by name, by grade level, by location or by specialty/program. The advanced search allows you to find a school by grade and by program(s) at the same time. Families have preferred access to their neighborhood schools and to neighborhood specialty schools near their homes. See below to read more about why so many families choose MPS.

Two: Fill out a fall application at any MPS school, any MPS District Parent Resource Center (at North Division, South Division and Washington high schools) or online! You will be asked to select up to three high schools for your child and you can check transportation eligibility using the online application.

Three: After March 10-14, MPS will begin processing fall applications and families will receive a letter showing the school in which each child is enrolled.

Questions about enrollment? Contact enrollmentsupport@milwaukee.k12.wi.us or call (414) 475-8159.


Head Start enrollment

Enrollment is also open for the MPS Head Start program that provides parental, educational, medical, nutritional, psychological and social support to help children consistently succeed.

Families must qualify for Head Start based on income and other variables. Find out more about the MPS Head Start program or call the Head Start Office at (414) 777-7850.

Why choose MPS?

Our schools feature strong curriculum — tied to the rigorous Common Core State Standards — that prepares students to succeed in college and careers. MPS is home to the nation’s largest concentration of students participating in the Project Lead the Way, which uses hands-on learning opportunities to expose students to engineering, math, science and technology in middle and high school. MPS also boasts the nation’s largest number of public Montessori schools — many of which lead the district in test score averages.

We are proud of our robust offerings of high-performing specialty schools, with focuses ranging from the arts to bilingual education, Career and Technical Education (CTE), gifted and talented, language immersion, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and college preparatory programs.

Milwaukee Public Schools has been and continues to be committed to working tirelessly to improve student achievement. More MPS schools are meeting or exceeding expectations on the state report card and MPS scores in math and reading have grown on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. MPS offers exclusive opportunities for students including Learning Journeys that connect curriculum and our students to community learning opportunities including Discovery World, the Milwaukee Public Museum and Junior Achievement Kohl’s Education Center. The district has made a significant investment in specialist-taught art, music and physical education, moves that have added more than 90 specialist teaching positions over the past two years. The district plans to increase that investment even further for 2014-15.

MPS’ recent aggressive reforms have included comprehensive plans to reinforce strong curriculum at schools across the district. The district is expanding its use of a strong model to identify and promote excellent teaching. The support of the GE Foundation has led to the development of schools that are being used as models for college and career readiness across the district. The Milwaukee Board of School Directors has made difficult, but necessary decisions to close underperforming and under-enrolled schools. At the same time, MPS has moved to expand and replicate schools that are succeeding academically and attracting families.

MPS has successfully implemented PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), which reinforces positive behavior and promotes a healthy school climate — and we have extensive safety protocols that continue to make our schools a safe place for students. An AlertNow system allows the district to communicate important messages and updates to every MPS family within 45 minutes.

We invite you to explore this site and learn about the many opportunities for you and your children at Milwaukee Public Schools!