Clubs & Activities


ANIME CLUB – Mr. Lipton  A club in which anime-lovers can discuss and debate their passion for anime. Meetings:  Wednesdays from 3:30 pm – 4:00 p.m.

ASIAN CLUB – Mr. Dlapa  Famous for their Parent Teacher Conference egg rolls, this is a unique club where Asian students share culture similarities and differences during meetings. Students also participate in community service; plan social activities, support each other to be successful in high school. Students of all ethnic group are welcomed and encouraged to join.  

(BLMA) Black and Latino Male Achievement vision is that Black & Latino boys and young men will possess an affirmed sense of identity, dignity and self-confidence, and will have the necessary tools to triumphantly navigate college, career and life. 

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) – The GSA is Riverside’s LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization. Students focus on making the community better by building social spaces, fostering support, and engaging in activism. Advisor: Ms. Halek. Send an email to Ms. Halek to express interest and receive guidance.

LATINO CLUB – Ms. Cochrane  Students provide motivation and support to each other in a healthy and friendly environment. Help plan and host Latino fun night! Spanish Tutoring is also available during our welcome meetings. Churro sales help provide scholarships to Latino Club members. Students also have study sessions and tutoring for anyone needing help with their Spanish. Everyone is welcome! Vengan!  

Les Tigres Français (French Club) at RUHS is open to anyone who is interested in the French language and culture of French-speaking countries. We will be taking virtual field trips, watching French movies, and discussing cultural traditions in French-speaking countries around the world. Advisor: Ms. Bechtel 

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY – Ms. Berg  Sophomores and Juniors are selected on the basis of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.   National Honor Society provides various service activities to the school and community during the year.

The REDGen TIGERS – is a group of student leaders who are advocates for celebrating the tools that can help all students and staff at Riverside University High School take ownership of their mental health and well-being by working together to create a school culture that promotes connection, authenticity, emotional and physical well-being.  

TIGER FITNESS CLUB  – A club to help you stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.  30-minute workouts, walking activities and easy food recipes.

STUDENT COUNCIL – Ms. Vogel – Grade level councils consist of elected student representatives from each grade level. Along with student social activities, senates select class officers and work on projects to raise money for various class activities/initiatives.  Ms. Holtgrieve (10th), Ms. Eschbach (12th), Ms. Bart (11th), Mr. Preyer (9th).  Send an email to each teacher to express interest and receive information.

TIGER SISTERS – Ms. Berg  This is a leadership group for female students that addresses social, emotional, and societal issues pertinent to young women. For the last two years, the group has organized a schoolwide celebration of International Women’s Day. The group also uses the Ropes and Challenges curriculum and makes a yearly trip to the MPS Ropes Course in Potter’s Forest. 

YES CLUB – Ms. Berg  Youth Empowered in the Struggle is the student arm of Voces de la Frontera. Yes teaches students how to engage in social activism and champions the rights of immigrants, students and workers. Students learn to work for change at Riverside as well as in MPS and the community. 

YEARBOOK CLUB – is a high achieving group of students who usually work fall and spring semesters to produce the Riverside University High School Yearbook. Some specialized roles involve photographers, journalists, graphic designers, and editors.  Advisor:  Mr. Harvie.