Clubs & Activities


AFRICAN AMERICAN ACHIEVERS CLUB – CLC This program strives to promote the advancement of academic and behavioral excellence among Riverside Students. A key component is the annual Black History program, which is planned and executed by the African American Achievers Club. The club also serves as a liaison for the students and their parents/guardians when educational questions arise.

ASIAN CLUB – Ms. Duxbury  Famous for their Parent Teacher Conference egg rolls, this is a unique club where Asian students share culture similarities and differences during meetings. Students also participate in community service; plan social activities, support each other to be successful in high school. Students of all ethnic group are welcomed and encouraged to join.

CHEERLEADING/STUNTMEN/PEP SQUAD – Ms. Terry  Known city-wide for their ongoing dedication toward sportsmanship, the Cheerleading and Pep Squad continues to grow in size and vigor. Help cheer for our RUHS football and basketball teams! Tryouts are in the spring for both Varsity and JV squads for students in grades 9 – 11. Incoming 9th graders are able to tryout in September. The schedule depends on the athletic schedule but the the squad does meet regularly on Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 PM in Rm. 111D.

CHESS CLUB – Mr. Reynolds  Chess challenges the mind to look 5 steps ahead while focusing on the present. The intellectual game inspires creativity and prepares students for tough cognitive tasks ahead. The club is open to beginners and Grandmasters! Bring your Rook fourth! Chess club meets on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 PM in Rm. 132.

COLLEGE POSSIBLE- Mr. Hoess/Mr. Organ   College Possible is a nonprofit AmeriCorps organization whose mission is to make college admission and success possible for low-income students in the United States through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. College Possible meets in the College and Career Center from 3:00-5:30 PM on Mon-Thurs.

COSTUME CREW- Ms. Gulbronson Students design and sew costumes for the school musical. They also become dressers and make-up artists for each performance. This group meets in relationship to the demand of school performances.

CREDIT RECOVERY – CLC/Ms. Willis  Students are provided computer access and support to work on recovering academic credits. Students can take advantage of this option to makeup classes that were not passed from previous years/semesters. Staff are on hand to help with any questions as students work through online modules; working towards proficiency and attaining credits. Students are to meet in Rm. 34 on Mon.-Thurs. from 3:00-4:00 PM.

FORENSICS – Ms. Rachel  Students perform in interscholastic competitions displaying a variety of speaking skills. Students must maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. in order to participate. All students are welcome to join and recruitment is done in the fall.

GEEK IMPACT – Ms. Eisenzimmer Students work to provide service to staff while exploring the world of technology. Students meet from 2:45 – 3:30 on Thursdays in Rm. 34.

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) – Ms. Halek/Ms. Struck The GSA is Riverside’s LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization. Students focus on making the community better by building social spaces, fostering support, and engaging in activism.

HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES – Ms. La Llave Activities include spirit week, a parade prior to the Homecoming game and a dance in the evening. See Ms. La Llave to join the committee.

OPEN GYM BASKETBALL – Ms. Kutcher  Students come to the gym on Saturday mornings to participate in a variety of activities. Any Riverside student may participate. This is offered during the months that coincide with winter athletics.

LATINO CLUB – Ms. Cochrane  Students provide motivation and support to each other in a healthy and friendly environment. Help plan and host Latino fun night! Spanish Tutoring is also available during our welcome meetings. Churro sales help provide scholarships to Latino Club members. Students also have study sessions and tutoring for anyone needing help with their Spanish. Everyone is welcome! Vengan! 

MUSICAL – Ms. Walker  Riverside students present a full scale musical in late March or early April every year. There are evening performances and possible day performances. Auditions are typically held in November/December. The 2018’s musical was “Once on This Island.” The 2019’s Spring Musical is still to be determined.”

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY – Ms. Berg  Sophomores and Juniors are selected on the basis of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.   National Honor Society provides various service activities to the school and community during the year.

PROM COMMITTEE – Ms. La Llave Juniors may serve on the prom committee. The committee picks the gift, the decoration theme, makes the prom bags, decorates and cleans up. You will have a voice in decisions related to your special night.

ROBOTICS CLUB – Mr. Dlapa  This unique sport of the mind is designed to help students discover how interesting and rewarding the life of engineers and researchers can be. Teams build robots and enter them in competitions. Meetings will be after school Mon.-Thurs. starting at 4:30 PM in Rm. 22A.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS – Ms. Salo Hoffmann  Special education students participate in organized athletic events. Some of the favorites are basketball and bocce ball. All students are welcome to serve as volunteers during events.

SOCIETY OF HISPANIC PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS (SHPE) – Mr. Levas  SHPE promotes awareness of Latino contributions in the areas of Science. Our program is open to all students and enhances the academic excellence of its student members. We help provide support throughout the college application process to increase college access and entrance. All members must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in school.

STAGE AND SET CONSTRUCTION CREW –  Mr. Van Pelt  The Technical Director selects interested students who become the Stage Crew for the school musical. They build sets, run stage lighting, sound, and scenery. Stage Crew also runs all stage events during the year.

STUDENT SENATES :  Grade level senates consist of elected student representatives from each grade level. Along with student social activities, senates select class officers and work on projects to raise money for various class activities/initiatives.

UW-PEOPLE PROGRAM – Ms. Adzaka Students in the program receive enrichment and support, including ACT prep. The focus of the academic year program is to work with students in their current courses by means of tutoring and homework assistance in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages in preparation to graduation and college application. Milwaukee sites have a primary focus in English and Math to help bridge achievement gaps. The program meets Mon.-Thur in Lab 402 from 3:30-6:00 PM.

YOUNG MEN’S WELLNESS GROUP – Mr. Deans Male students meet every third Thursday after school to discuss a range of wellness topics.

YOUNG WOMEN’S WELLNESS GROUP – Ms. Berg  This is a workout and discussion group for female students that focuses on physical and emotional wellness.  The group meets after school on Fridays in the library.