ACT Testing Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The ACT® Plus Writing and ACT WorkKeys are part of the state required tests for all 11th graders in Wisconsin. The ACT® Plus Writing assesses students’ academic readiness for college, and is a requirement for admission into many colleges. The ACT WorkKeys assesses students’ skills that real jobs require. Complete test descriptions appear on ACT’s website

The ACT® Plus Writing test will be administered to all 11th grade students on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. This day is a regular school attendance day for 11th grade students, and all 11th grade students are required to be present. This includes those 11th grade students with disabilities who will participate in the alternate state assessment. After the test is completed, 11th grade students remain in school for the rest of the school day. All students in grades 9, 10, and 12 will be excused for February 20, 2019.

The ACT WorkKeys will be administered to all 11th grade students on Thursday, February 21, 2019. After the test is completed, all 11th grade students remain in school for the rest of the school day. This day is a regular school attendance day for all other grade students.

To help your child prepare for the ACT® and the ACT WorkKeys, practice tests and exemplar items can be found at: Another tool for practice that is free and easy to use is available through ACT Academy:


Annual Surveys – Tuesday, Feb. 5th

It is that time of the year again for RUHS to complete the mandatory School Climate Survey and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey  (YRBS). On Tuesday, February 5th we will be following the College Prep Bell Schedule to accommodate completion of BOTH SURVEYS and allow ample time to continue with class instruction.

Parents: If you do not want your child participating in the district’s annual survey, please return the form to our office ASAP.

YRBS – 2019 – Passive Parental Permission Form – English

1819 YRBS Spanish Consent

Final Evidence for Semester 1

Dear Riverside families;

In an effort to align our assessment practices with Standards Based Grading principles, Milwaukee Public Schools has revised our Final Exam policy to offer students a Final Evidence of Proficiency. This is recorded in Administrative Policy 7.34. Final evidence is no longer graded separately from the coursework completed but will instead be evaluated by the teacher along with all the course evidence to determine a student’s final proficiency level. Listed below are the important details of the Final Evidence procedures to support students in demonstrating their highest levels of content mastery for each course.

What is final evidence? Final evidence is a comprehensive assessment of the standards for the course which could be a paper test, online assessment, performance or portfolio of work. Teachers will determine what evidence will be collected during the final school days to demonstrate mastery of the standards that each student needs.

Who needs to complete final evidence? ALL students should complete final evidence to show mastery of the standards for each course. Final evidence allows students an opportunity to demonstrate their highest level of mastery of the course standards and that final mastery level (coursework including the final evidence) will be recorded on the semester report card. Only those students that are eligible for an exemption may be excused from the final evidence schedule. Exemptions are conditional based on proficient status in the course, no unexcused absences, attendance at or above 95% for the course and no unfinished business (except senior fees). Students who meet these criteria may still complete the final evidence in order to show advanced work and receive a higher grade on the semester report card. In addition, Riverside will grant an exemption to a student if they have a course-evidence average of 100%, but may not meet the other conditions. Students can exempt all courses for which they meet the above criteria.

When is final evidence collected? Final evidence will be offered in all high school courses in the last 3 days of the semester. For this semester, December 18, 19 and 20 will be final evidence days. Students will complete/submit final evidence according to the school schedule in the morning and students will be dismissed early on each of the final evidence days. Final evidence days are school days and all students other than those with approved exemptions are expected to be in attendance on December 18-20. Please check out our calendar for specific schedule for evidence days.

María González Edwards

State Report Card

Please check out Riverside’s State Report Card for the 2017-18 school year. State law (Act 55) specifies that annually every public school, including charter schools, and each private school participating in a Choice program is to provide parents with a copy of their school report card and a list of their educational options, including the Special Needs Scholarship Program.

For a list of educational options, please visit:

Picture Day!!

Underclass yearbook pictures will be taken in English classes. Freshmen are scheduled to take their pictures on Wednesday, September 26th and sophomores and juniors are scheduled for Thursday, September 27th. Pictures will be available for purchase from our photographers, Pixel Visionaries, LLC. An order form is included here for your convenience.

Riverside Photo Order Form


150th Anniversary Gala

Riverside was the very first public high school in the City of Milwaukee in 1868. The Riverside Foundation is the 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has supported the school since 1997. The Foundation annually awards student scholarships, supplements funds to fulfill teacher classroom needs requests, and assists in updating the physical needs of the building. In recent years, the Foundation raised money to construct a new outdoor digital sign for the building and for improving the sound system in the school’s assembly and performance auditorium.

To celebrate the school’s 150th anniversary, the Foundation is sponsoring a gala celebration on August 10, 2018 at the Potawatomi Hotel in Milwaukee. Please join the Riverside alumni, friends and staff for a night of food, drinks, awards and entertainment to celebrate 150 years of academic, extracurricular and athletic high achievement.

For more information and ticket prices please see 150th Gala flyer.

Senior Parent Meeting News

On Wednesday, January 24th, parents of seniors met with Ms. La Llave, Ms. Gonzalez-Edwards and Ms. Kringel to update parents about senior year expectations and graduation. Please check out the notes from the meeting.

Graduation Information