Physical Education

Dear Parents:

One of our primary goals as physical educators is to teach every student – from the physically gifted to the physically challenged – how and why they should keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their lifetime. In our physical education program, we provide learning experiences which are developmentally appropriate that will teach students how to be physically active in ways that increase physical competence, self-esteem and joy through lifelong physical activity. Here’s how we achieve that goal:

  1. Our physical education curriculum includes a balance of skills, concepts, game activities, rhythms and dance experiences designed to enhance the cognitive, motor, affective, and physical fitness development of every student.
  2. We provide experiences that encourage students to question, integrate, analyze, communicate, apply cognitive concepts, and gain a wide multi-cultural view of the world.
  3. Throughout the year we teach activities that allow students the opportunity to work together to improve their emerging social and cooperation skills. These activities help students develop a positive self-concept.
  4. Ongoing fitness assessment is used as a part of the process of assisting students to understand, enjoy, improve and/or maintain their physical health and well-being.
  5. Students are taught exercises that keep the body in proper alignment, thereby allowing the muscles to lengthen without placing stress and strain on the surrounding joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  6. Grade decisions are primarily on ongoing individual assessments of students as they participate in physical education class activities, and not on the basis of a single test score.
  7. Finally, our class is designed so that ALL students are involved in activities that allow them to remain continuously active.

We would like to invite you to come and visit our physical education class. By working together to encourage fitness, we are certain we will be able to help your children enjoy a lifetime of physical activity! We welcome your support.


The Physical Education Staff
Riverside University High School