Resources for Math students

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
The NCTM is the world’s largest mathematics education organization whose mission is to provide the vision and leadership necessary to ensure a mathematics education of the highest quality for all students. RUHS is an institutional member of the NCTM and many of the RUHS teachers are also individual members.

NCTM Standards

The Wisconsin Math Council is a state organization for mathematics education. The mission of the Wisconsin Mathematics Council is to lead in the development of, advocate for, and promote quality mathematics education that enhances learning for all students.

Texas Instruments
The department has mixed feelings about linking to a corporate entity; however, this site may be of use to parents and students so here it is. Texas Instruments is the company that produces the graphing calculators that are required for all Integrated College Preparatory Mathematics (Course 2 and above) as well many of the other upper level mathematics courses.
Click Here for Riverside Calculator Information

Core-Plus Mathematics Project
The curriculum use for the Integrated College Preparatory Mathematics classes was created by the Core-Plus Mathematics Project. This site provides in-depth information on this curriculum.

Graph Paper
Working on homework and need some graph paper? Here is a site that will let you print some graph paper. Many graphs to choose from.