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Spring 2021
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Equity and Access to the Advanced Placement® Program                                                  
Students choosing to participate in the Advanced Placement® (AP®) program offered by the College Board® must understand that it is a collaborative effort among students, parents, faculty, and school district. Each group plays a significant role to meet the high expectations outlined in each AP course syllabi. To that culmination, motivation, commitment, and perseverance to succeed rests upon the shoulders of each student.

Purpose of the RUHS Advanced Placement® Program
The purpose of taking Advanced Placement® courses is to gain the research and study skills necessary for the college and university experience. Riverside University High School offers 15 Advanced Placement® courses and the AP Capstone™ Program. Colleges and universities recognize high school AP courses and may grant placement and course credit to students who earn a 3 or higher on AP examinations. Therefore, it is imperative that students meet the rigorous expectations in AP courses administered by the College Board and taught by qualified high school teachers.

Enrollment in AP and AP Capstone Courses
Enrollment in AP courses should be based on a correlation of ability, interest, and the aspirations to intellectually challenge oneself since the college-level curriculum requires intensive study habits. Students may enroll in Advanced Placement courses in any subject offered aligned to an interest in a post-secondary major area of study.

RUHS Students Being Successful
Advanced Placement and AP Capstone™ courses are standard full-year commitments. Schedule changes will be permitted with authorization by the AP Coordinator and/or AP Teachers’ request through the guidance office. Upon enrollment into multiple AP and AP Capstone courses, students commit to gain the skills, rigor, and intellectual experience that colleges and universities recognize in their academic undergraduate degree programs.

Benefits of Taking AP Courses

  • Prepare students for university/college-level coursework
  • Improve writing skills and sharpen problem-solving techniques
  • Develop consistent study habits for rigorous degree programs
  • An opportunity to earn college credit or advanced standing in nationwide colleges and universities

Please direct questions and concerns to:

Ramona M. Phillips, Ed.D., Ed.S.
Advanced Placement® Program Coordinator

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