About RUHS

Riverside University High School is committed to being a diverse, multicultural, urban high school with a primary focus on the preparation of students for success in post-secondary educational settings. The shared efforts of students, parents, and staff will result in life long learners and productive citizens in the global community.

Riverside University High School takes its name from its location on the east bank of the Milwaukee River, in the heart of Milwaukee’s historic East Side. Riverside traces its roots to Milwaukee High School, the city’s first secondary school; founded in 1868. After several moves (in the course of which the school became East Division), the school moved to its present site in 1915, and was renamed Riverside High School. In 1984, in recognition of its special relationship with UWM, the school became Riverside University High School.

Riverside University High School ‘s rigorous university-preparatory program focuses on student success in post secondary education. RUHS serves approximately 1590 students from a wide variety of communities in the Milwaukee area. The student population is representative of diverse ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic levels. RUHS staff is committed to preparing all students for post secondary education. Riverside University High School has earned the reputation of being one of Milwaukee Public Schools’ most successful high schools. RUHS was recognized as one of the nation’s best public high schools by News Week. This ranking is based on the quality and quantity of Advanced Placement programs offered by the school.

The Advanced Placement program is a joint educational venture between high schools, colleges and universities. It exposes high school students to college-level material through involvement in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students taking AP courses can earn college credits in English, math, social studies, foreign languages, art, computers and science by taking a test at the end of the course. RUHS offers more AP classes than any other Milwaukee high school.

The RUHS student body is very active in the community. Our students  have worked together to raise money for the homeless through the Habitat for Humanity Program. In the summer of 2012, Riverside University High School built two homes through Habitat.  The Student Council initiated Box City night. This annual event raises money for the homeless as well as student awareness of homelessness. Participants are sponsored by family members, staff members and others in the community. Additionally, our students are involved in many other activities that benefit the school as well as the community. At school, all of our students take a minimum of three years math, four years English, three years science and social studies and at least two years of a foreign language. In addition, Riverside provides a comprehensive fine arts program including visual arts, choirs, bands, orchestras, and jazz band. Riverside has a strong and comprehensive athletic program for girls and boys.

RUHS parents are strongly encouraged to actively play a huge role withing the building. School Governance Council members are involved in shared decision making for the school. Our goal is to increase parental involvement by 100%. Finally parent volunteers are always welcome at RUHS.

The RUHS Learning Team serves as the umbrella for the vision and mission of the school. The team is comprised of teachers and administrators who work together to establish goals and improvement plans that will benefit Riverside and its students. The team has implemented an effective research based model, emphasizing shared and data-driven decision-making. As a result, more staff members than ever before are involved in data collection and analysis and are using the data to determine how they teach, what they teach and how our students are learning.

The RUHS staff is highly dedicated to ensuring success for all students. Our staff members put in many hours over and above the school day to offer tutoring, extra-curricular activities and athletics for students. The RUHS staff works hard to give our students a well-rounded high school experience, building a foundation for lifelong learning. Most Riverside teachers have earned Master’s Degrees and many have won national, state and local awards.