Together for Justice – A letter from the Superintendent

June 6, 2020

Dear MPS community,

I know this week has been particularly difficult. Amid our efforts to cope with a global pandemic, we now must confront the hurt, pain, disappointment, and other emotions that have resurfaced with the racial injustice crisis following the alarming and tragic murders of Joel Acevedo, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others.

I acknowledge the range of emotions that our students, staff, families, and community members are experiencing. I think about how you are taking all of this in and coping, especially when compounded with the stress of facing COVID-19 and the school closure for the past three months. I think about how these racist and unjust acts affect your sense of self and development, and how so many of our parents, especially our Black parents, carry the burden of fear every time their sons and daughters walk out of their homes.

I understand the desire to be involved in planned marches and actions. I share your outrage, and I want everyone in our MPS community to be safe, heard, and valued. I want our city, state, and nation to move as one to finally face the difficult history that we have avoided for so long. These recent events have generated renewed urgency and importance for our collective efforts in that mission.

I am always humbled and inspired by our students’ resilience, intelligence, and fortitude. My hope rests with all of our children, and their capacity to move past the divisions, racism, and bigotry that have marked our country since long before its founding. I share their vision and belief in a just world where every person, of every race, belongs and is honored and celebrated.

MPS is committed to supporting our students and staff with curriculum and materials that reflect all of the students and families we serve. We will also have support teams available for students and staff to help process these recent events.

I ask the staff, city leaders, and all Milwaukee residents to listen to the voices of our young people. Together we can transform our city into a place where life-changing opportunities are within reach of every family.

If you are looking for resources to support you in talking to your child about race and racism, you can find a few suggestions in the link.
Please stay safe and well.

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Dr. Keith P. Posley
Superintendent of Schools

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