Final Evidence for Semester 1

Dear Riverside families;

In an effort to align our assessment practices with Standards Based Grading principles, Milwaukee Public Schools has revised our Final Exam policy to offer students a Final Evidence of Proficiency. This is recorded in Administrative Policy 7.34. Final evidence is no longer graded separately from the coursework completed but will instead be evaluated by the teacher along with all the course evidence to determine a student’s final proficiency level. Listed below are the important details of the Final Evidence procedures to support students in demonstrating their highest levels of content mastery for each course.

What is final evidence? Final evidence is a comprehensive assessment of the standards for the course which could be a paper test, online assessment, performance or portfolio of work. Teachers will determine what evidence will be collected during the final school days to demonstrate mastery of the standards that each student needs.

Who needs to complete final evidence? ALL students should complete final evidence to show mastery of the standards for each course. Final evidence allows students an opportunity to demonstrate their highest level of mastery of the course standards and that final mastery level (coursework including the final evidence) will be recorded on the semester report card. Only those students that are eligible for an exemption may be excused from the final evidence schedule. Exemptions are conditional based on proficient status in the course, no unexcused absences, attendance at or above 95% for the course and no unfinished business (except senior fees). Students who meet these criteria may still complete the final evidence in order to show advanced work and receive a higher grade on the semester report card. In addition, Riverside will grant an exemption to a student if they have a course-evidence average of 100%, but may not meet the other conditions. Students can exempt all courses for which they meet the above criteria.

When is final evidence collected? Final evidence will be offered in all high school courses in the last 3 days of the semester. For this semester, December 18, 19 and 20 will be final evidence days. Students will complete/submit final evidence according to the school schedule in the morning and students will be dismissed early on each of the final evidence days. Final evidence days are school days and all students other than those with approved exemptions are expected to be in attendance on December 18-20. Please check out our calendar for specific schedule for evidence days.

María González Edwards