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Morse-Marshall realizes that the transition into high school is a major event in the life of a young person. To support our freshmen, we are proud to be a part of Link Crew. Link Crew is a program that matches juniors and seniors with leadership abilities to groups of freshmen to help them orient to high school.

In August, a Freshman Link Crew Orientation was held for all 9th grade students. The 45 juniors and senior Link Crew Leaders led this orientation. The 9th graders were able to tour the school, meet new friends, take part in team-building activities and get a general idea of what Morse-Marshall is like. Our freshmen should look forward to many events with their link crew leaders.

Contact a Link Leader:

Staff Link Alert: Are you noticing that a 9th grader is having a hard time? Are you noticing their grades are slipping? Are they tardy more often than usual? Maybe they are struggling to fit in and need someone to reach out with them? Submit a Link Alert! Our Link Crew Leaders are here to help support the 9th graders with different issues that may come up at school.  Send us a message through the link  above and we can get the information to the correct Link Crew Leader!

Staff Link Applause: Have you noticed a student going above and beyond in the classroom? Have they worked to turn in missing work or maybe have worked to get to class on time? The Link Applause is used for any 9th grade students that deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work! When you submit a Link Applause a Link Leader will meet with the student to let them know that their positive behaviors are being noticed.

Want to be a Link Leader?

Applications will go out at the beginning of second semester for current sophomores and juniors that would like to be Link Crew Leaders for the 2014-2015 school year.


Mr. Farris and the Morse-Marshall Eagle at the Freshmen Link Crew Orientation

Mr. Farris and the Morse-Marshall Eagle at the Freshmen Link Crew Orientation