Changes to MPS locations due to extreme hot weather

To respond to a heat advisory issued for Milwaukee on July 18 and 19, Milwaukee Public Schools is making important changes to the Summer Academy and Summer Recreation sites and programs.

All students in Summer Academy should report to their regular summer sites. After students are served breakfast, students from select schools will be bused to another MPS location for the remainder of the session.

Students who normally go home after lunch will be bused back to their regular school site; those students who are normally bused home will continue home on the bus. Students who normally stay for the afternoon extended care program will be bused back to their regular school site at 5:00; those students who are normally bused home will continue home on the bus.

Some Summer Recreation Child Care Camp, Community Learning Centers (CLCs), Safe Places, and Summer Enrichment Camps will be relocated.

For a list of all site changes to Summer Academy and Summer Recreation, please see the list below.

Summer Academy field trips that take place at air-conditioned off-site locations will take place as scheduled. Outdoor field trips may be cancelled—families should check with their child’s program for details.

Summer Academy Heat Advisory Relocations, July 18–19, 2019

School Relocating to . . .
Hamilton No change, remain at site
King HS (Regular and Be the Change) King MS
MHSA (Regular, Grade 8, & ESY) Bradley Tech
Bethune No change, remain at site
Brown Bethune
Carver Gaenslen
Clement No change, remain at site
Congress No change, remain at site
Cooper Clement
Craig Congress
Fernwood Hamilton
Fifty-third St. Congress
Gaenslen No change, remain at site
Grantosa Vincent
Greenfield South
Hayes South
Kluge Vincent
Mitchell (Regular and Newcomers) South
Morgandale Hamilton
Vieau Bradley Tech
Zablocki Hamilton


Heat Advisory Relocations for Child Care Camps, Community Learning Centers (CLCs), Safe Places, and Summer Enrichment Camps

Thursday, July 18–Friday, July 19, 2019


Site Relocating to:
81st Congress
95th Congress
AAL Hamilton
Allen Field South
Bay View Bradley Tech
Bay View Montessori Clement
Burdick Clement
Carson Congress
Cass Golda Meir
Clarke Jackson
Clemens Bethune
Craig Congress
Curtin Hamilton
Doerfler South
Engleburg Vincent
Fairview Hamilton
Forest Home South
Fratney Gaenslen
French Immersion Gaenslen
Goodrich Vincent
Grant South
Hawthorne Vincent
Holmes King Middle
Honey Creek Hamilton
Hopkins Jackson
Humboldt Clement
Kagel South
Keefe King Middle
LaFollette Jackson
Lloyd Barbee Gaenslen
Lowell Clement
Maple Tree Vincent
Martin Luth King Jr King Middle
McDowell Bethune
Morgandale Hamilton
Neeskara Bethune
Parkside Clement
Parkview Vincent
Riley Bradley Tech
Riverwest Gaenslen
Sherman Congress
Siefert Jackson
Spanish Immersion Hamilton
Starms Jackson
Story Bethune
Thoreau Vincent
Thurston Woods Vincent
Townsend Congress
Trowbridge Hamilton
Washington King Middle
Wedgewood Hamilton
Westside Bethune
Whitman Hamilton


All children and families are advised to limit strenuous activity, drink plenty of water, wear lightweight clothing, and seek air-conditioned places when possible.

Milwaukee Recreation Cool Spot locations and wading pools are extending hours and will remain open until 7:00 p.m. on July 18 and 19.

Cool Spot Locations

Benjamin Franklin School, 2308 W. Nash St.

Carmen Playfield, 7320 W. Carmen Ave.

Franklin Square Playfield, 2643 N. 13th St.

Green Bay Avenue Playfield, 3818 N. 8th St.

Wading Pool Locations

Burnham Playfield, 1755 S. 32nd St.

Enderis Playfield, 2978 N. 72nd St.

Holt Playfield, 1716 W. Holt Ave.

Merrill Playfield, 461 N. 35th St.

Modrzejewski Playfield, 1020 W. Cleveland Ave.

Ohio Playfield, 974 W. Holt Ave.