Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Lists Summer is here, but don't forget to keep you reading skills up. take dive into the summer reading list and be prepared for next year Ages 10-12 Summer reading list for 10-12 year olds Young Adults Summer reading list for young adults AP Biology Summer reading list for AP Biology … [Continue Reading]

College Possible Program helping students clear hurdles to higher education

When Milwaukee Public School students enter high school, many may not believe that college could be in their future. However, some learn that with hard work, and the support of a new program, college is possible. As a senior, walking through the halls of Milwaukee’s Morse-Marshall School for the gifted and talented, Henry Eruchalu holds his head high. “Ever since I was able to be accepted to … [Continue Reading]

MPS students show off projects at STEM Showcase

Young minds from 35 different Milwaukee Public Schools gathered at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Spring Showcase, it's an event that will help them gear up for their futures. From sixth graders like Julius Jones, “I really like to design things and I think it would be a really awesome thing to do.” To seniors like Matthew Gruber, “I want to go more into the science, … [Continue Reading]

Project Lead the Way national certification!

Morse•MarshalI has now become a nationally certified Project Lead the Way (PLTW) School. This certification will give our students the opportunity to earn college credit for passing PLTW end of course exams and our students will automatically earn a $3000 scholarship to any PLTW affiliated university (MSOE is one) if they complete ANY engineering/PLTW course. A big thank you goes out to Mr. … [Continue Reading]


From MPS to the White House

JOHN MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1985 Mona Sutphen’s path to success – a course she is still charting – is impressive. Graduate of Mount Holyoke College and the London School of Economics. United States Foreign Service Officer. U.S. State Department diplomat. And two stints in the White House: the first on the staff of the National Security Council for President Bill Clinton and most recently … [Continue Reading]



Morse•Marshall is a Gifted and Talented middle and high school focused on science, technology, math and engineering (STEM) education and college preparation. Our science programming includes aquaponics coursework and we place a strong emphasis on Advanced Placement coursework in the high school grades, allowing our students to earn college credits.