African-American Immersion

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School offers an exciting academic setting, partly because it features the African-American Immersion Program, a unique curriculum that educates, engages and inspires students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The African-American Immersion Program permeates the school climate, from the exterior design of our school that showcases a beautiful mural of Dr. King Jr., to the interior, where students explore African history, culture, art and traditions in the classroom.

Students are taught African-American history and culture through lessons presented by teachers who are prepared and trained to teach in an immersion environment. The program delivers a historical biography of ancient African tribes to the impact of modern day leaders. With practical knowledge of the chronological development of the African culture, students acquire insight and appreciation for this ethnicity.

The traditional classroom lessons are complemented by hands-on projects and presentations that create excitement for students as they explore African-American traditions in art, culture, food and dance. African-American art and designs are present throughout classrooms. Dr. King School celebrates events such as Kwanza as well as other traditions during the school year. Students taste traditional African cuisine and Ethiopian foods on special occasions. The Imani dance group offers students regular opportunities to participate in traditional African movements.

Staff members are required to take 18 credits in African-American studies. An emphasis is placed on successful communication strategies with African-American children and their families. Teachers develop lesson plans that, inspired by their courses in African-American history, interweave with the district curriculum to keep students centered on the contributions made by Africans and African-Americans.

Extracurricular activities offered at Dr. King School reflect a deep connection with the African culture. From our Imani dancers to our Black History Education Trip, students are afforded a wide range of opportunities to delve into African-American culture and incorporate it into their daily lives.

To learn more about Dr. King School’s African-American Immersion Program, please call (414) 267-1500.