Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver Visits Honey Creek

MPS Superintendent recently visited Honey Creek School.  Dr. Driver had the opportunity to tour Honey Creek, visit the classrooms and engage in the student’s learning activities.    


JA BizTown

Elementary school students aren’t old enough to drive, work, vote or be the boss.  At JA BizTown they are!  Students operate a bank, restaurant, city hall, newspaper, retail store and 10 other businesses.  JA BizTown® combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a fully interactive, simulated town. Students leave understanding the relationship between what… [Continue Reading]


Oakridge Farm Learning Journey

K5 Learning Journey to Oakridge Farm Our K5 students had the opportunity to engage in a learning journey to Oakridge Farm on October 28, 2015. This hands –on experience of farm-life up close engages students with many opportunities to learn how the farm is important to them and the community.    


Survive Alive House

Honey Creek 5th grade students had the opportunity to visit the Survive Alive House on October 23, 2015 to learn about what to do in case of a fire. During students’ visit at the Survive Alive House, they have classroom training as well as hands-on practical training. In the House, a group of students enter a… [Continue Reading]


Ropes and Challenges Curriculum

On October 22, 2015 our 5th grade students participated in the Ropes and Challenges Curriculum at Potters Forest. Ropes and Challenges The MPS Ropes & Challenges Education Curriculum is based on the experiential learning model and takes a sequential approach in activities designed to help individuals and groups develop/enhance positive social skills such as: Teamwork… [Continue Reading]



Honey Creek

Honey Creek boasts a champion staff; respectful, responsible, intelligent and hardworking students; and dedicated families. We believe in working together to provide a quality educational program full of rich and meaningful experiences for our children so that they are college- and career-ready. Our school is recognized for students’ strong academic achievement.