WOW Great Job

In appreciation of staff and student’s dedication and hard work throughout the school year a special treat was given during their lunch period.  Students this school year have taken several standardized tests including MAP assessments, PALS assessments, WKCE and Badger assessments and throughout it all staff and students alike remained focused, determined and dedicated to the… [Continue Reading]


Accelerated Reader 100 Point Club

Honey Creek participates in the Accelerated Reading program.  This program awards points to students that read a book and then take a test on the contents of the book.  Depending of the level of difficulty of the book, the student will receive points when they pass the test.  Our point clubs start at 10 points… [Continue Reading]


Spring Soccer at Honey Creek

Honey Creek School offers Spring Soccer to grades 1-5.  We have 2 pee wee teams grades 1-3 and 1 youth team grades 4-5.  Thanks to our volunteer coaches, Mrs. Czarnyszka, Mrs. Tischer and Mr. and Mrs. Peterson we were able to offer our soccer program this Spring.  Please enjoy the pictures of our students in… [Continue Reading]


Open House/Project Fair/Book Fair

On April 23rd, 2015 Honey Creek’s Open House, Project Fair and Book Fair took place. Students are encouraged to create a project for display at the project fair.  The project should display the scientific process which includes: Ask a Question Do Background Research Construct a Hypothesis Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment Analyze Your Data… [Continue Reading]


Piano and Violin at Honey Creek

Honey Creek offers both piano and violin lessons during the school day.  Traveling music teachers, Mrs. Holterman and Ms. Pera teach the lessons at Honey Creek.  Statistics prove that playing a musical instrument helps students with math, social development and overall success in life.  Playing a musical instrument improves a student’s ability to be educated,… [Continue Reading]



Honey Creek

Honey Creek boasts a champion staff; respectful, responsible, intelligent and hardworking students; and dedicated families. We believe in working together to provide a quality educational program full of rich and meaningful experiences for our children so that they are college- and career-ready. Our school is recognized for students’ strong academic achievement.