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MPS will be closed Monday, January 6

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Hawley named School of Recognition for second straight year

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Supply Lists 2013-14

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Winter Weather Alert!

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Just a reminder that tonight is the Family Science Night from 5:30-7:00pm and there is also a 5th grade camping meeting from 6:30-7:00pm.


Throughout the week of April 7th, 2014 Hawley students will partake in the….


All proceeds will go towards the 5th grade camping trip!  Ask your student and/or their teacher for details.


On Friday, April 12th we will watch our all school Positively Hawley movie, Chimpanzees.  Younger students will watch in the morning and older students will watch in the afternoon.


Thursday, April 11th is going to be our Family Science Night.  Come in and check out all the cool and fun science projects our students put together.  Take a classroom tour with the scientific inquirers that are Hawley students.

Also, there will a 5th grade Camping meeting in the library from 6;30-7:00pm.


With everyone talking about Aquaponics, it makes sense that Hawley Environmental School should have Aquaponics as part of it’s programming.  At this time, through the collaboration of Mrs.Zylstra, Mr.McEvilly, and Mr.Delaney with Jesse Hull and Molly Stanek from Imagine Aquaponics, 3rd through 5th graders who have been taking part in the Camp Hawley Aquaponics club have worked with professionals to design a new Aquaponics lab in the Hawley Green House.

Below are some pictures of the Green House currently and a link to a draft of how the Aquaponics lab will look.  Also there is a letter from Jesse and Molly providing a little background about themselves, the company the represent, and Aquaponics:

Greenhouse System

Imagine AP writeup for Hawley School

Also click to check out the Imagine Aquaponics website:

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Congratulations to 2nd grader, Ahnu Xiong, on winning 1st place in the

2nd grade division of the 2013-2014 Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Art Contest.


Ahnu Xiong


The MPS School Fair was a great success and we have already had many new students enroll for next year.  Remember if you or someone you know wants to enroll a student to Hawley for the 2014-2015 academic year you can do so online at:


Don’t hesitate, make sure that your student has the placement you want next year!!!


Students will be voting on Wednesday, February 5th on what movie will be played at the PTO Friday film night.  Stay tuned for results!!!


Starting on Thursday, February 6th Mad Science will transition to the PM for Camp Hawley instead of the morning.  The new time will be 4pm-5pm.


If you are thinking about Hawley Environmental for your future K4 student, then check out our brochure that has all sorts of important information.  Please click on the link below.


K4 Brochure __________________________________________________________________

Just in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics, check out Mrs.Lens’ 4th grade class as they are being risk-takers and trying something new at the Pettit Ice Center.  For many of the students it was the first time they put on a pair of ice skates.  They are learning all about the hard work and determination it takes to be an Olympian as they relate this experience to current worldwide events.



On Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 Hawley 5th graders took part in Biz Town.  Check out some photographs of our students working hard as they reflect and become more knowledgeable about what makes a town ran smoothly!




Remember that we do have school on Friday, January 31, 2014.  Originally Friday, January 31, was a no student day but due to the weather it is a student day.



As our 5th graders start their science unit on the Water Cycle they explore a local water site with our partners at the Urban Ecology center.


Volunteer Booklets can be printed from the Parents page of our school website.  Please read through the booklet and fillout the volunteer forms.  As a staff, we really do appreciate and need the support of our Hawley community to make sure we provide our students with the best possible educational experiences.

We look forward to your volunteering!!!


The 2013-2014 Family School manuals are being sent home with students today or tomorrow.  Please make sure that you look over them and return any forms that need to be signed.  You can also find the Family School Manual in PDF form below.




Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for October 15th and 17th after school.  Please make sure you are returning your letters with your preferred time to meet with your student’s teacher.  If you do not return a letter and do not talk with your student’s teacher you will not be scheduled for a conference.  We ask that parents please adhere to there scheduled times.  If you have any questions please contact your student’s teacher.


Starting on October 14th, 2013 there will be an overlap between Governance Council and PTO meetings to better foster communication between the school and parents.

Governance Council meetings will start at 5:30pm in the library with Governance Council members only.  At 6:15pm the Governance Council will join the PTO in the gym at the start of their meeting to share information and increase communication within the community.  This will allow parents the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of all the happenings at Hawley.

Remember all parents are welcome to take part in the PTO!!! 

The dates for the upcoming meetings are:

October 14

November 11

December 2

Jan 13

Feb 10

March 10

April 7

May 12

June 9


MAD SCIENCE will be starting in CAMP HAWLEY on Thursday, September 26th @7:30-8:30.  It will continue throughout the year on every other Thursday.  Any questions contact Mr.Delaney


As we continue with our 2nd week of school we encourage families to fill out the volunteer forms that should be coming home within the next few days.  Remember our goal is for parents to volunteer at least 5 hours throughout the year.

Also, ask your student about what special activities their teacher has planned for next weeks FUN FRIDAY event.


MAPs testing has started for our students.  Make sure they get plenty of sleep and are well rested.


Check out the Camp Hawley page for further explanation on the new payment procedures and costs.   Camp Hawley


We hope everyone is having a great summer and as we get closer to beginning of the school year we want to make sure everyone is prepared to start another great year at Hawley Environmental school.

This is a reminder that we will have our “WELCOME BACK NIGHT” on Wednesday, August 28th from 4-6pm.  This is an opportunity for you and your student opportunity to drop off supplies, meet their new teacher, sign up for Camp Hawley, and prepare for the upcoming academic year.

The first official student day is Tuesday, September 3rd.  Something new for the year is the student start and end time.  All students start their academic days at 8:45 am and end at 3:30 pm.

Have a great rest of the summer!!!





In the spring, Mr.McEvilly took a group of Hawley 4th and 5th graders to participate in a citywide Science fair at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  Below are some of the pictures for this awesome experience.


In the spring, our 1st graders went on a fieldtrip to Havenwoods…check out some of the pictures.


Thanks to everyone who helped with our GREAT AMERICAN CLEAN_UP DAY/EARTH DAY event.  It was a great success!!!

Hawley Environmental students, staff, families, and volunteers arrive to clean up local parks and the neighborhood!!!

Hawley Environmental students, staff, families, and volunteers arrive to clean up local parks and the neighborhood!!!


earthday 2


Congratulations to Dasson Macklin for winning our school’s 5th grade 2012-2013 School Encouragement Award!!!!

5th grade winner of School Encouragement Award

5th grade winner of School Encouragement Award


5th grader showing healthy lungs

One of Mrs.Zylstra’s 5th graders showing off her poster on healthy lungs!!!



What Does it mean to be an Environmental School? 

At Hawley Environmental School our goal is to create and foster a learning community to educate globally-minded, environmentally conscious, self-motivated learners.  Through the collaboration of students, families, staff, community members, and business partners, we will develop individuals with a strong academic foundation and the high level, critical thinking skills essential to be successful lifelong learners.





Tours of Hawley Environmental School are now available  for prospective families and students for the 2013-2014 academic year.  If you are interested please contact our secretary at 256-8500.   Don’t wait too long because classrooms are filling up!!!

As the weather continues to change daily make sure that your student has appropriate clothing and gear.  Remember this is Wisconsin!


Camp Hawley’s tutoring program is underway!

If you are interested in having your student receive tutoring please stop by the Camp Hawley office before or after school and talk with one of the staff members.  We will be basing support on recommendations from the classroom teachers and district Universal Screeners.


Hawley Environmental School is an MPS Instrumentality Charter and IB Candidate Elementary School serving grades K4 through 5th. Our school has a special focus on Environmental Education. We have a school greenhouse, weekly environmental education classes, school gardens and other special programs and resources to support our special environmental focus.

We offer an educational program that is centered on the global child of the 21st century. A strong academic curriculum and a professional teaching staff ensure all students achieve academic success. Our school has a solid history of academic achievement based on the state Wisconsin Knowledge and Academics Examination (WKCE).