Three Choice Enrollment February 1-19, 2016

F. J. Gaenslen K-8 School is located in a quiet, residential area on the west bank of the Milwaukee River known as the “Riverwest Community”. The school, named after Dr. Fredrick J. Gaenslen, first opened in December, 1939 as a school for children who were suffering with Polio. In 1988, Gaenslen, and their neighbor, Fratney School, merged and moved into our present site. F. J. Gaenslen School, a state of the art facility, was architecturally designed to meet the academic and physical needs of regular education students and children with physical and other special education needs.

From Our Principal:DSC02858dismuke

Wow, what an exciting year we have had here at Gaenslen this school year! The students have grown academically, emotionally and socially. Our students are ready for a well-deserved summer vacation. We encourage you to keep them busy this summer with academically challenging activities and or visit local venues that our beautiful city has to offer such as the Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee County Zoo, and your local libraries just to name a few. The first day of school is September 1, 2015.