Attendance Counts!

Please make sure that your child is here, on time, every day!   


F. J. Gaenslen K-8 School is located in a quiet, residential area on the west bank of the Milwaukee River known as the “Riverwest Community”. The school, named after Dr. Fredrick J. Gaenslen, first opened in December, 1939 as a school for children who were suffering with Polio. In 1988, Gaenslen, and their neighbor, Fratney School, merged and moved into our present site. F. J. Gaenslen School, a state of the art facility, was architecturally designed to meet the academic and physical needs of regular education students and children with physical and other special education needs.    


20140828_123729Gaenslen Garden Salad –  tastes even better than it looks!

Can you name all of these vegetables from our Gaenslen Garden?20140902_161849