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We had a great time this afternoon discussing and celebrating Pi Day. Over the past several weeks, kids have been working on circle nomenclature, measuring the circumferences of circles, and using pi to find area. During our celebration we discussed all the great ancient civilizations who observed and studied circles. An impromptu competition came up among some students who had been memorizing the decimal fraction of pi as far to the right of the decimal point as they could. Believe it or not, the winner won by reciting the number in the subject line above – 51 places to the right! Some remembered 20, 30, and 40 of the numbers. I was in awe over how well these kids were able to remember such long strings of numbers.

The kids were all sugared up by 2pm so we went outside to run off the extra energy. Thank you to everyone who donated pie on Pi Day. I can’t wait until next year (Friday Pi Day)!