Parent Education

These are parent education workshops that will be implemented at Craig throughout the school year. Don’t be surprised if your getting along better with your child and understanding  their growing body and mind more after one of these exciting workshops!

  • Love and Logic
    Ms. Berry, Craig Social Worker and Mr. Dosmann will talk with parents about effective ways to get your child to cooperate with you. There will be childcare, food, and drinks provided. We hope you will take the time to attend this event and learn effective parenting strategies.
  • Montessori in the Home
    This session is for parents of the K-3 to grade 3 children. The primary teaching staff will be discussing about how you can make simple gifts for your child that do not require a lot of money but are proven to entertain children. They will also have a discussion about ways to modify your home so your child can be more independent, responsible, and helpful with daily chores. There will be childcare provided and snacks for parents and children before the information session.
  • Montessori Math and Language
    This session provides parents with an overview of the philosophy of the Montessori materials that are used for math and language. It also provides parents with and opportunity to familiarize themselves with specific materials and learn how they work.
  • Introduction to Adolescence/Upper Elementary/Lower Elementary
    This session is designed for parents who have a child transitioning from one level to the next. In Montessori Education children are grouped together based on developmental change, parents will receive information on this change. They will also learn about the classroom environment, what’s different, and the procedures at the next level.
  • Orientation for K3 Parents
    This session is an introduction to our school and the Montessori program. It provides information on the history and philosophy of Montessori Education. It also gives parents an opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.