New Photos – New York City

Here are some photos from New York City that 3rd – 8th grade drama club students participated in.

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New York City Trip 2014



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Scholastic Book fair in March!

If you’d like to support Craig Montessori’s book collection please click here to view information regarding online purchases and further details regarding the fair.



March 5th: Book Fair Set-up (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

March 6th: BOOK FAIR BEGINS and is open during conferences

March 11th: BOOK FAIR CONTINUES during conferences 

March 12th: Packing up the Fair (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

Please contact Regina Poth if you are interested in helping with the book fair. Her contact information is:

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Enroll Today! Three-Choice School Selection February 3-21


Milwaukee Public Schools has the greatest variety of high-performing programs in the city, from strong traditional neighborhood schools to arts, Career and Technical Education (CTE), International Baccalaureate, language immersion and Montessori specialty schools to charter schools – and the Three-Choice Enrollment process is the best opportunity for families to find a seat in their first-choice school for the fall! Three-Choice runs from February 3-21, 2014.

Three-Choice enrollment is as easy as one, two, three!

One: Find the school or schools that are right for you and your child. You can use this site to find a school by name, by grade level, by location or by specialty/program. The advanced search allows you to find a school by grade and by program(s) at the same time. Families have preferred access to their neighborhood schools and to neighborhood specialty schools near their homes. See below to read more about why so many families choose MPS.

Two: Fill out a Three-Choice application at any MPS school, any MPS District Parent Resource Center (at North Division, South Division and Washington high schools) or online! You will be asked to select up to three high schools for your child and you can check transportation eligibility using the online application.

Three: MPS will mail letters March 10-14 to families who have filled out a Three-Choice Enrollment application. The letter will show the school in which each child is enrolled. The majority of families receive one of their top-three school choices.

Enrollment continues on a first-come, first-served after the Three-Choice period has ended. Questions about enrollment? Contact or call (414) 475-8159.

New York Parents-Meeting on Wednesday January 29th, 2014 @ 6pm


If your child is attending the New York City trip, there is a mandatory meeting on Wednesday January 29th, from 6-7pm in the Library.

Discussion Topics:


Permission Slip Packet

Bring a check written for $5 to Craig Montessori School (This amount will cover the cost of MPS Insurance)

Any other questions or comments will/can be answered at this time.

Ice Cream Social & Open House Thursday, January 16th from 5-7

                               Come and socialize with your child during Craig Montessori’s annual Ice Cream Social! 

                     Where: Craig Montessori School

                  When: 5-7pm

                       Who’s Invited: Parents/Guardians and Children who attend Craig Montessori School

                        What to bring? Your child’s grade level has requested you donate a topping

What will I have to do? You will get to see your child’s classroom and their work, socialize with their teacher, and simply just enjoy the evening!



World Premier Website!

Hello Craig Montessori Parents!

If you are interested in what your child is doing and how they are learning each and every day at school, click on the link below and let yourself be immersed in your child’s past, present, or future classroom.

This unique website was just released to the world today as a tool for parents and educators to help understand Montessori further. We as a community feel extremely honored that many of the children in these videos are Milwaukee Public School children that attend Montessori schools in our community.