Mission, Values and Information

Three Choice Enrollment February 1-19, 2016
techLynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade High School (Bradley Tech) is the premier technology and trade school of Milwaukee; with a rich history and ever evolving future.  Located in the heart of the Walker’s Point neighborhood, Bradley Tech educates approximately 1,000 students from across the city.  To support all of our students in achieving academic and personal success Bradley Tech offers a broad range of scholastic options, including clear pathways for students into four year universities, tech/trade education, and apprenticeships.
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School Mission, Vision and Goals: The mission for Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School enables students to develop life-long learning skills and to follow well-defined trade and technical career pathways.
The vision for Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School is a flagship program for technology and trade education in the Milwaukee Public Schools. We are committed to providing leading-edge technology in a state-of-the-art facility, enabling students to meet state and national performance standards in trade/technical, academic, and employability skills. We prepare students to pursue additional education/training a variety of technical careers through one of four delivery systems; direct employment, adult apprenticeships, two year degrees, and four year degrees.
Our goals are as follows:

    • To develop and maintain cutting edge technological programs in the areas of communication, construction, manufacturing, design, and power and energy that will enable students to experience success in the classroom and in the careers and professions of the 21st century.
    • To prepare students for technical careers by meeting industrial skills and performance standards established by the state or national certification bodies. Standards exist in three areas: academic or core content, technical content and employability skills.
    • To prepare students for post-secondary options by providing for entry level employment in high-skill, high wage careers; formal skill training in adult apprenticeship; and two or four year continued education opportunities.
    • To maintain a faculty and instructional staff, drawn from the trades industry, technical schools, and universities, which will possess and sustain the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the curriculum.
    • To increase the number of graduates and enhance the quality of their preparedness, allowing them to enter and succeed in a variety of trade and technical career pathways and professions.
    • To involve the community in the support of all students.
    • Partnership with business, industry, parents, and the community, sharing the responsibility of creating lifelong learning.

School Value Statement: Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School is committed to integrating technology and trade learning opportunities that will allow students to become college and career ready. We welcome and accept the diversity of our students, staff and families, and pledge to cultivate positive relationships that would allow students to be active and engaged citizens.
Students enrolled at Bradley Tech have access to articulated college programs, including earning an associate degree in web or mobile app design. Families can choose among a large offering of opportunities that include Project Lead the Way Courses in engineering and electronics, and best prepare for college with advanced placement (AP), and honors-level classes. Students have access to courses supported by local industry leaders including: Harley-Davidson, Pieper Power, AT&T, and Rockwell Automation.  Bradley Tech also offers students competitive Varsity and Junior Varsity sports, as well as a wide-array of organization and activities designed to enhance their high-school experience.