As the MPS school year heads into its final weeks, the Believe in Bay View initiative continues to gain momentum. The 2013–14 budget proposal, recently submitted to the MPS Board of School Directors by Superintendent Gregory Thornton, designates the redesign of Bay View High School as a top priority.

During a comprehensive public input process conducted between the 2011–12 school year and November 2012, students, staff and community members identified a vision for the transformation of the academic program and school climate at Bay View Middle and High School.

The MPS Board of School Directors then approved a robust plan to address the issues facing Bay View High School students, staff and neighbors.

Bay View High School continues to move forward. The next step to ensuring our successful efforts and maintaining the momentum from the past six months is to make certain there is a strong commitment to the transformation. Students and staff who wish to continue at Bay View High School have been asked to recommit to the redesign of the school. Students are writing personal recommitment statements and staff are being asked to commit to the new academic vision of the school while focusing on school climate and classroom management practices and agreeing to participate in professional development.

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