Artists in residence make innovation real for BV students

As noted in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article of reasons to be optimistic about Milwaukee high schools, Bay View has something other schools can't claim: not one, not two, but three artists in residence working to bring creativity and innovation to life for our students. These Innovation Artists will benefit students in many different ways throughout the year. One Innovation Artist … [MORE...]

From Luther Hall.

First iGallery Show of 2014-2015: Confluence

We here at Bay View Middle and High School are excited for the start of school, in part because it means a return of the Innovation Gallery, our professional and student art gallery located in the school for the public and students to use and experience. The first iGallery show features a return of Jenny Anderson, who worked with students last year as an artist in residence. Her show, … [MORE...]


Get in Shape and Help BVMHS!

The fine folks at Wild Workouts and Wellness are doing an amazing thing: They are offering YOU the chance to get "your best body" for FREE--except a $10 donation, 100% of which is going to the Believe in Bay View Fund. This is a great opportunity for you to get into shape (not that you necessarily need it; you look fabulous from here!) and support Bay View Middle and High School. See here for … [MORE...]


Ramping up to school and STEAM with 9th grade orientation!

It's still two weeks until the doors officially open for students here at Bay View Middle and High School, yet dozens of staff and scores of students will be on hand this week for STEAM18, a week-long orientation program for our 9th grade students. The program will focus on several things, including connecting freshmen to Link Leaders--upperclassmen who help students stay on track and feel … [MORE...]


Congrats, Class of 2014!

On Saturday, June 7, the Bay View High School graduating class of 2014 officially became alumni--congratulations, all, and thanks to Ms. Rose Szopinksi, who as always organized a fantastic ceremony. … [MORE...]


CLICK HERE: Believe in Bay View Fundraiser Saturday October 11, 2014!

Bay View High School is undergoing a transformation that will begin taking effect in the 2013-14 school year! The school will focus on creativity and innovation, building upon strong science/technology/engineering/arts/math (STEAM) programming. That focus will include project-based learning that relies upon and builds student knowledge  across multiple subject areas. The plan also includes more rigorous expectations for graduation. Some changes will take place in the 2013-14 school year, with  full implementation beginning in 2014-15. The school will also phase out its existing middle-school grades and accept a smaller 9th-grade class for the upcoming year. Students and staff interested in continuing at the school will be asked to recommit to the new program. Students new to the school will be asked to commit to the new Bay View expectations.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the school to learn more about these expectations. Our program will build upon some of Bay View’s strengths: the Building/Architecture/Technology (BAT) Academy, Project Lead the Way, strong arts programming and Advanced Placement coursework. AP courses may be taken, which can result in both high school and college credit. Bay View has active partnerships with building and trade unions as well as Discovery World.


Curriculum: Computer Technology; Engineering; Building Trades/Construction; Spanish; Music (Chorus, Band, Orchestra); Art (Drawing, Painting); Math/Science; Academy of Engineering; Bilingual Program;

Sports: Baseball (B), Basketball (B/G), Cheerleading, Cross Country, Dance/Poms, Football, Golf (B), Soccer (G), Softball (G), Swimming (B/G), Tennis (B/G), Track, Volleyball (G), Wrestling

Clubs: Math Club, Career Club, Chess Club, Yearbook, Newspaper; National Honor Society, Special Olympics

College Readiness: College for Every Student, CTE Program Offerings, Diversity Scholars, YMCA Sponsor-a-Scholar

Project Lead The WayTEAMUPGEAR UPAdvanced Placement