Mandala Mosaic Installed

The new program of creativity and innovation at Bay View Middle and High School now has its most visible sign--the first phase of our mosaic mural has been installed! On Wednesday April 9, the good folks at MPS's department of facilities and maintenance took advantage of the beautiful spring weather to install the mosaic tiles on the exterior of our spectator gym facing Lenox Street.  The … [MORE...]


Champs: Redcat Middle School Boys Basketball

On Saturday, the Milwaukee Recreation Department's Beulah Brinton middle school basketball league held its championships.  The Bay View Redcats took home first place in the tournament. Coach Michael "Bobby" Evans, a Redcat alumnus and current safety assistant at the school, led the team to an outstanding season, with only two losses on their record.  In the final game against Believers in … [MORE...]


Bay View alum Dupree key player in NCAA upset Thursday

Carlin Dupree, who graduated from Bay View in 2013, was a top high school basketball prospect in Milwaukee and landed at a Division I school, North Dakota State University--the first Bay View Redcat to go D1 in many years. The men's basketball Bison had a tremendous season and won their conference, landing a prize spot in the "March Madness" NCAA tournament.  They were underdogs, though, a … [MORE...]


Bay View Builds

As a school of creativity and innovation, Bay View Middle and High School is embracing the build--students are designing and making all kinds of cool things with the help of local craftsmen and some cool technology. Check out the gallery below.  You can see our MakerBot in action, making a cute bracelet, and some adorable cork farm animals.  That 3-D printer will soon start making student … [MORE...]


Redcats take top honors at JA Business Challenge

On Thursday, February 13, six Bay View High School students in two teams of three competed in the Junior Achievement Business Challenge sponsored by Kohls and held at Briggs and Stratton.  One team took top honors in the Red Industry portion of the competition, and the other finished in fourth place. Members of the winning team--seniors Michele Kosmalski, Allyson Milinski, and Amy Sanchez--each … [MORE...]


CLICK HERE: Believe in Bay View Fundraiser Saturday October 11, 2014!

Bay View High School is undergoing a transformation that will begin taking effect in the 2013-14 school year! The school will focus on creativity and innovation, building upon strong science/technology/engineering/arts/math (STEAM) programming. That focus will include project-based learning that relies upon and builds student knowledge  across multiple subject areas. The plan also includes more rigorous expectations for graduation. Some changes will take place in the 2013-14 school year, with  full implementation beginning in 2014-15. The school will also phase out its existing middle-school grades and accept a smaller 9th-grade class for the upcoming year. Students and staff interested in continuing at the school will be asked to recommit to the new program. Students new to the school will be asked to commit to the new Bay View expectations.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the school to learn more about these expectations. Our program will build upon some of Bay View’s strengths: the Building/Architecture/Technology (BAT) Academy, Project Lead the Way, strong arts programming and Advanced Placement coursework. AP courses may be taken, which can result in both high school and college credit. Bay View has active partnerships with building and trade unions as well as Discovery World.


Curriculum: Computer Technology; Engineering; Building Trades/Construction; Spanish; Music (Chorus, Band, Orchestra); Art (Drawing, Painting); Math/Science; Academy of Engineering; Bilingual Program;

Sports: Baseball (B), Basketball (B/G), Cheerleading, Cross Country, Dance/Poms, Football, Golf (B), Soccer (G), Softball (G), Swimming (B/G), Tennis (B/G), Track, Volleyball (G), Wrestling

Clubs: Math Club, Career Club, Chess Club, Yearbook, Newspaper; National Honor Society, Special Olympics

College Readiness: College for Every Student, CTE Program Offerings, Diversity Scholars, YMCA Sponsor-a-Scholar

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