College Access Centers

Milwaukee Public Schools, in collaboration with local, state, and national partners, operates a few community-based College Access Centers within the Greater Milwaukee area, two of which are open. The College Access Centers are located in two major areas of the Greater Milwaukee area — one in the Midtown area of Milwaukee’s north side and the other in the south side region of Milwaukee.


MPS TEAM UP College Access Center – North

(CAC – North)

2730 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53210
(414) 374-8317

MPS TEAM UP College Access Center – South

(CAC South)

3333 S. 27th Street Ste. 300
Milwaukee, WI 53215
(414) 431-1830

These centers provide students and families with direct services easily accessible via public transportation and within close proximity to resources families typically frequent, such as grocery stores and other retail ventures. These community-based locations support the college access outreach efforts of Milwaukee Public Schools and engage families in the support and reinforcement of college attendance for Milwaukee students in centers focused on college attainment.

The College Access Centers will:

  • Encourage high school completion and college readiness by providing information on high school course taking, graduation requirements, the importance of attendance, and so on. Key links to district and community tutoring, college prep, and other supports will be available. Families will be introduced to college via campus visits, college mentors and other options.
  • Promote early awareness of college by introducing higher education opportunities beginning with middle grade students and their families in areas such as taking college prep courses, meeting graduation requirements and answering questions on college applications, admissions and financial aid.
  • Increase parent awareness and involvement in the college access process with coordinated services with outside partners and offering a variety of publications, workshops, and drop-in services. The sites will serve as an out-of-school, resource center with operational hours conducive to working parents and adults.
  • Serves as a site for educational resources for academic and career planning. Professionals will help with college admissions and financial aid counseling to students and parents. The centers will coordinate and complement services in tandem with MPS School Counseling to leverage existing resources and supports both within and outside of MPS.

The district is thrilled to offer these College Access Centers with the goal to increase college aspirations, readiness, attendance and persistence for MPS students.  Operation of the College Access Centers is funded by Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, to help the people of Greater Milwaukee harness the power of higher education to change their lives for the better.

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