Students take part in “Be The Spark” program

I was glad to be at Mitchell International Airport today with 7th grade students from MPS’ Victory K-8 School for the Gifted and Talented! They’re the first group of students to take part in “Be The Spark” a collaborative program of the Council of Small Business Executives and Milwaukee Public Schools. This was the first of a series of tours our 7th graders from 25 different MPS schools will participate in during the 2014-15 school year.

“Be The Spark” represents the beginning of a new learning opportunity of career explorations for our students in MPS. Programs like “Be The Spark” commitment to provide our students with the necessary experiences and tools to make informed decisions about their future and exposes students to new career options.

Today’s our students were able to see firsthand the various careers within the field of aviation with the Council of Small Business Executives partner Southwest Airlines. In addition, they learned about the skills and educational pathways required to obtain these very necessary jobs to continue to “drive” the Milwaukee economy. We look forward to hearing more about the career opportunities other students will learn about this school year.