7th grade students from U.S. Grant Elementary contribute to providing clean water to Ugandan Community


7th grade students at Grant work on projects about the global water crisis

Students in Ms. Roschke’s seventh grade class at U.S. Grant Elementary completed “The Water Challenge,” which required them to drink only water for two weeks and donate the money they would have spent on other beverages to The Water Project.

The students were able to donate $200 to The Water Project to help provide clean water to a small Ugandan community.

A new well is installed in a community in Uganda (Photo: The Water Project)

A new well is installed (Photo: The Water Project)

Clean water and proper sanitation is a growing issue for many small communities worldwide and The Water Project provides relief to communities around the world who
 suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

The contributions of U.S. Grant Elementary helped provide the Kenshunga community in Uganda facilities, which will also promote the adoption of good hygiene behaviors and practices.

A new well for a Community in Uganda (Photo: The Water Project)

A new well for a Community in Uganda (Photo: The Water Project)

More than 63 families belong to the Kenshunga Community, where many suffer from diarrhea and severe dehydration among other preventable water related illnesses.

The project stemmed from social studies lessons on population density, death and birth rates and the distribution of resources throughout the world. The project-based learning approach led students to become interested in the global water crisis. Students created posters, speeches and brochures to analyze and present data on how the lack of clean drinking water affects millions of people around the world. This project aligns with the Common Core State Standards for Social Studies by teaching students about world cultures and economics of the eastern hemisphere.

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