Siefert students, staff walk 18.25 miles for heart health

When staff at Siefert Elementary heard about the National Walking Day planned by the American Heart Association and promoted by MPS Employee Wellness, they knew they wanted to take the idea and “walk” with it. A walk-a-thon was scheduled and for six hours, students and staff from Siefert walked laps around the school’s block.

Teachers were challenged to create an educational chant for their students to recite as they walked their laps. Some classes recited letters, colors, sounds or shapes, with others recited continents, states, capitol cities and math facts. The school community was encouraged to make a commitment to live healthier by participating in the event. Parents and district administrators were also invited to walk with the students. At the end of the day, Siefert students, staff and special guests had taken 41,301 steps and walked a total of 18.25 miles! Way to go!