MPS 4th graders experience culture in Denmark

denmark1Fourth grade students from Golda Meir School for the Gifted and Talented arrived safely in Denmark last week. The students in Ms. Opie’s classroom spent the school year studying Danish culture, language, food and history, in preparation for this trip.

The two-week journey provides students with an opportunity to study abroad and fully immerse in a culture. The students stay with host families of fourth graders enrolled at Dyssegårdsskolen in Hellerup, Denmark. They are able to develop an understanding, appreciation and respect for cultural differences.


Each day, the MPS fourth graders are chronicling their journey through a Facebook page and emails home.

“On the first full day in Denmark we learned how to play a game like baseball, took a tour, had a break like recess, and had lunch,” Nicholas wrote. “In the morning we came to 4b, we did introductions, had gym.”

“The first thing we did was go to school. We went to make a cartoon. After that Miss Opie did idioms so we got a piece of paper and planned it. Then we performed in front of the class. They made guesses about what we did. Then we had recess and people played different things like soccer,” Michael said.


“We got to make cartoons out of H.C. Andersen stories today,” wrote Grace. “Me and my host did The Little Match Girl. It was really animating it too.”

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This year’s trip is the 20th trip for students from Golda Meir. In 1994 (now-retired) MPS teacher Mark Horowitz took his 4th graders to Denmark for the first time. That was the beginning of an annual visit that has been life-changing for numerous American and Danish children. More than 500 MPS students have had the opportunity to study abroad in Denmark as part of this program.

Golda Meir offers students opportunities for continued academic, social and artistic growth in a variety of areas through extended field trips to Chicago, Denmark, Minneapolis, New York, Eagle River, Madison and the western United States.