Closing the Degree Divide

MPS graduate Gabriella Johnson started attending Stanford University last fall.

MPS graduate Gabriella Johnson started attending Stanford University last fall.

President Obama is meeting today at the White House with more than 100 college and university presidents to address higher education issues. The summit will focus particularly on increasing college access for low-income students, which is at the heart of the First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to encourage underprivileged students to apply for and attend college.

The group will also address the issue of “undermatching,” in which high-achieving, low-income students do not apply to the nation’s top colleges and universities. Over the past year, MPS has extended its partnership with UW-Madison to include professional learning for high school counselors on how to decrease undermatching for MPS students.

MPS’ Career and College Readiness efforts

The MPS College and Career Readiness program works to get MPS students on the right track for the future – and finding the right fit for them, including at the best colleges and universities. “We are partnering with the country’s leading experts to motivate students to aim high, to develop and expand on successful programs and to provide direct services from our school counselors and TEAM UP College Access Centers that connect our students and families to college and career pathways,” says Rudy Ruiz, Director of College and Career Readiness.

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The MPS College and Career Readiness department offers a broad range of programs aimed at helping students get into college and on the right path. These initiatives include offering the College Board’s SpringBoard curriculum and expanding Advanced Placement offerings, developing early opportunities for students to access the International Baccalaureate program, adding College Possible sites, leveraging the MPS TEAM GEAR UP grant project resources and ensuring eligible students earn the Degree Project scholarship.