Cold weather alert

The weather we are experiencing is unusually cold and potentially dangerous.

This is what MPS is doing to keep our students safe during the frigid temperatures:

  • Schools have cancelled outdoor recess
  • Students are being let into the building as soon as they arrive
  • At dismissal, students remain inside until busses arrive, they are picked up or ready to walk home

We need parents’ help to make sure your children get to and from school safely. Please make sure your children are dressed warmly, with all skin covered. If you need warm clothes for your children, please contact your school social worker or dial 211 for resources.

Make sure your child has a warm place to be after school. If you will not be home after school, make sure your child has a key to get in or is able to stay at a neighbor’s until you get home.

If your child doesn’t have a warm place to go after school, many of our elementary buildings are open for after-school programs; contact your principal to discuss after-school opportunities.coldweather