Primer for Parents

mathMany parents of children in grades K3 through 8 will see something new this year. The standards-based report card, implemented at one school in 2009-10 is now being used in more than 80 MPS schools – and it will take some getting used to for parents.

As MPS teachers align their planning, instruction and assessments to the Common Core State Standards, the standards-based report cards will be a valuable tool in reporting achievement. Rather than being graded in a subject or content area, students are graded on each standard.

The academic proficiency scale – AD for advanced, PR for proficient, BA for basic and MI for minimal – on the new report cards allow parents to see how close their child is to meeting grade-level expectations in individual standards. The report card also gives parents feedback on their child’s personal and social development.

Find out how to read the new standards-based report card here.