Facility force

facilityforce12In his end-of-year address to the employees of MPS central services, Superintendent Gregory Thornton made special mention of the building operations team in the Office of the Chief Operations Officer. Under the direction of John Wolf, the team of eight is responsible for maintaining and improving the MPS administration facility and grounds.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the crew finished a month-long deep-clean project on the building’s hallway floors. The next big project on the docket: the multiple moves associated with employee retirements and the shifting of divisions and personnel around the building.

Work on the grounds includes the projects that are designed to make our building more user-friendly and welcoming – including landscaping around the building and in the courtyard (pictured: Jose Felix).

John Wolf has been working at MPS for more than 18 years and has been a building engineer since 1999. He previously worked in building operations at William T. Sherman Multicultural Arts School and Rufus King International School.