Highland Community School to hold 2nd Bike Walk Eat event Saturday

from our Highland Community School

MILWAUKEE — Highland Community School announces its second annual Bike Walk Eat event to be held this Saturday, June 22nd at 9:00am at the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.  The Bike Walk Eat is a community-building event that inspires Highland students and their families to be physically active and eat healthy delicious food while rallying support for the expanding school.

As a parent-directed Montessori school chartered through Milwaukee Public Schools, Highland offers a robust educational program driven by parent involvement, community partnerships, and developing the child as “a whole.” The Bike Walk Eat embodies these principles and brings Highland students and families together to support one another in making healthier lifestyle choices. The event also brings in valuable funds needed to expand the school, which is growing fast.  In the past ten years alone, under the leadership of Executive Director Kathy Ronco and a parent-run Board of Directors, Highland’s student population grew from 73 students to its current population of 275.  Ms. Ronco shared her take on the school’s expansion, “Families are drawn to Highland because they find a home away from home in us.  At Highland, we don’t just enroll the child, we enroll the whole family.  We work to provide a peaceful Montessori community that enriches, empowers and inspires children to reach their potential and encourages parents to become responsible for and involved with their children’s education.  Many parents find this attractive.”

Next school year Highland will add an adolescent program, offering 7th and 8th grade for the first time in its near fifty-year history.  Chris Kjaer, the Lead teacher, promises the design of the adolescent classroom will be the best in the city, incorporating ergonomic furniture that encourages movement throughout the classroom, and state of the art technology.  The Bike Walk Eat hopes to raise awareness about the great work underway at Highland Community School and bring Highland students and their families together to celebrate the school’s success.  Over two hundred participants are expected to descend on the Hank Aaron State trail to either walk or bike a pre-determined course, enjoying delicious foods prepared by Highland families along the way.  It will be an exciting event for all.

Visit www.highlandcommunityschool.org <http://www.highlandcommunityschool.org> for more information about Highland Community School, a parent-directed, public Milwaukee Montessori school.

Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

3618 W. Pierce Street

Milwaukee, WI 53215