Joint statement from MPS, MTEA

MILWAUKEE – The following is a joint statement from Milwaukee Public Schools and the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association on the passage of a revised handbook for MPS employees by the Board of School Directors on May 30, 2013.

MPS and the MTEA worked closely over the past 12 months to discuss the details of the newly-revised MPS employee handbook and the policies contained therein. This collaboration, which resulted in more than 20 meetings this year, was critical in developing a handbook that is important to district efforts to attract and retain highly-qualified educators and other staff.

We believe this collaborative approach works for students, educators, and the entire community. It helps create a positive atmosphere that benefits everyone.

MPS and the MTEA are continuing contract negotiations within the parameters of Wisconsin’s Act 10, which limits issues that can be negotiated.

For further information, contact MPS Media Manager Tony Tagliavia at 414-475-8675 or MTEA President Bob Peterson at 414-259-1990.