MPS celebrates high-performing neighborhood schools

Dr D.J. Sigjanin and Dr. Diane Munzenmaier from the Medical College of Wisconsin teamed up with Honey Creek School to provide lessons on DNA for 4th and 5th grade students. Students made a human DNA chain, learned about how genetics research can save lives and made their own DNA models out of gummy bears, toothpicks and licorice.

Milwaukee Public Schools has a tremendous number of choices for families looking for schools with strong academic programs, highly- qualified teachers and rich extra curricular activities. As National School Choice Week continues, Milwaukee Public Schools is highlighting its strong, high-performing neighborhood schools. Did you know that more than half of MPS’ highest-performing schools – those that meet or exceed tough new state standards – are neighborhood elementary schools?

Congratulations to Whittier, Humboldt Park, Burdick, Garland, Cooper, Dover, Lowell, Greenfield, Alcott, Fairview, AAL, Honey Creek, Pierce, 53rd Street and Clement! Visit School Selections to learn more about your neighborhood school!