Seven MPS students earn piano scholarships

Seven MPS students have won scholarships to help them study piano at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music for the 2012-13 school year. 

Each of the students earned their Mary Horwitt Piano Scholarship by submitting an audio cassette tape of a performance, writing a personal statement and acquiring a letter of recommendation from their piano teacher or other adult.  They also played piano at an audition this past spring at the Conservatory.   “Congratulations to these students who are making the effort to utilize their talents and skills to experience the joy of music,” said Douglas Kuepper, MPS’ Music Curriculum Specialist.  “We also want to thank our music teachers who continue to provide quality instruction so that our students can and do achieve success!”

MPS students in grades 5 through 11 were eligible.  “We had wonderfully talented applicants this year and awarded seven scholarships,” said Sandy Horwitt, MPS graduate, author and long-time supporter of the scholarships.  Horwitt said applications for next year will be available in the fall.  

 Mary Horwitt Piano Scholarship Winners for 2012-13    

 Harolyn Cordero, 10th grade, Milwaukee High School of the Arts, $600

Shannon Young, 8th grade, Milwaukee School of Languages, $400

Richard Liao, 11th grade, Rufus King International School, $400

 Seth Bartos, 5th grade, Milwaukee German Immersion School, $500 

Meagan Gundrum, 6th grade, Milwaukee School of Languages, $500

Nina Frankovic, Hawley Environmental School, 5th grade, $500

Marisol Cevallos, 7th grade, Lincoln Center of the Arts Middle School, $500