Two MPS teachers recognized by MSOE

Each academic quarter, graduating students from MSOE are invited to nominate an individual from their own secondary school experience or their working experience—someone who not only “knew her/his stuff,” but could communicate it, and whose commitment to others included encouragement of further educational and career goals.

MSOE is proud to recognize those who have had a significant influence on their students’ futures. Not only does MSOE shine a spotlight on its graduates, but also thank those, who in some important way, motivated them, inspired them and helped make it happen for them.

Milwaukee School of Languages teachers Todd Everson and Joan Hartung received the VIP Excellence in Teaching Award from MSOE.  They were nominated by their former student John Eggert, who graduated with honors from MSOE with bachelor’s degrees in architectural engineering and construction management.

Eggert said, “Mr. Everson is an incredible educator and has motivated me to pursue a career in architectural engineering. He is an extremely effective educator who gives his students one-on-one, direct instruction and incorporates a variety of teaching strategies to assist his students in understanding the abstract and difficult concepts of physics. Ms. Hartung is a very dedicated, passionate and patient teacher and is always willing to go the extra mile for her students. She has given me the resources and motivation to pursue my goals.”

MSOE is an independent, non-profit university with about 2,500 students. MSOE offers 18 bachelor’s degrees and nine master’s degrees in the engineering, engineering technology, building and infrastructure engineering, health-related engineering, computer, business and nursing fields.

(Information is courtesy MSOE, and was circulated by the school in a news release June 13, 2012.)