“Braille Games” set for March 16th at Gaenslen School

Milwaukee, WI – WTBBL, ABLE Inc. and Vision Forward Association are pleased to host the 10th Annual Braille Games onFriday, March 16, 2012.  The event, which strengthens children’s Braille skills through creative, recreational competition, will take place from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at Gaenslen School,1250 E. Burleigh Street in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will arrive at 12 noon to observe the activities and make a few remarks.

 “This intergenerational competition provides a great chance for these young people to improve their braille skills and celebrate the fact that braille opens up their lives to a world of information, privacy and independence,” added Cheryl Orgas, Executive Director of ABLE.

 “This is a fantastic opportunity for children to socialize with others who also have visual impairments, as well as adults who are blind or visually impaired,” said Linda Vincent, Management Librarian, WTBBL.

Following an Opening Ceremony and group competition, there will be a rotation of five games lasting about 15 minutes each.  Games, including Braille Alphabet Bingo and Braille Dots and Dice Spots, will give intergenerational teams the opportunity to challenge and sharpen their Braille skills.   Following a lunch break topped off by a Braille cookie, a Closing Ceremony will include awarding of ribbons. In addition, backpacks with a Braille book for each child printed by ABLE and a stuffed animal from the Talking Book and Braille Library of Wisconsin will be handed out.

 “Braille Games strengthens skills through creative, recreational competition and tells a great story” said Patrick Brown, Executive Director of Vision Forward Association.   “Braille literacy is one of the highest predictors of success as children prepare to enter the workforce. Seventy percent of the blind are unemployed in this country.  Of the remaining 30 percent who have jobs, 80 percent of them know Braille.”

Editor’s Note:  Reporters and photographers are invited to cover this event. For more information and/or to schedule interviews or make special photo arrangements, please contact Cheryl Orgas or Vanessa Nerbun as noted above.   

MPS thanks ABLE and Vision Forward for the above news release.