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MPS asks families, community members to share spending priorities in budget survey

MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Gregory Thornton is inviting parents and community members to share their spending priorities through an online budget survey now available on the district website. Those who take the survey will be asked to, among other things, share the value they see in programs the district provides for children outside […]

Community meeting to be held on future of 68th Street School program

MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Public Schools wants to let parents and neighbors know about a meeting on Thursday, organized by two city aldermen, to discuss the future of the 68th Street School program. The meeting – set for 6:30 p.m. at Milwaukee School of Languages, 8400 W. Burleigh Street – is expected to focus on a […]

Art, music, physical education would get boost in MPS budget plan

MILWAUKEE – Art, music and physical education would get a boost in Milwaukee Public Schools under the Superintendent’s proposed 2012-13 budget plan. The proposal would set new standards for the number of art, music and physical education teachers at each school.  Even the smallest schools would have a specialist teaching art, music or physical education […]

Director Sain, Superintendent Thornton host District 1 listening-discussion session on Saturday

MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee school board Director Mark Sain (District 1) and Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Gregory Thornton are inviting parents and neighbors in Board District 1 to attend a listening session and community discussion on Saturday. Director Sain, the Superintendent and community members are expected to discuss what is and is not working in District […]

Manteniendo el recuerdo vivo

Estoy muy orgulloso de ellos por mantener vivo el recuerdo del Dr. King, y por ofrecer una nueva visión del impacto que sus obras tienen en nuestros jóvenes de hoy en día. Asistí al desayuno el día de Martin Luther King en el Centro Frontier Airlines en el centro de la ciudad esta semana. Me […]

Wisconsin educators learn from MPS’ success with “Project Lead the Way”

MILWAUKEE — Two dozen school leaders from around Wisconsin toured two Milwaukee Public Schools programs on Thursday to learn from the success of MPS’ “Project Lead the Way” efforts. MPS high school students who take part in Project Lead the Way dramatically outperform the district average on state standardized tests – roughly doubling the average […]