Thank you for visiting these pages, Milwaukee Public School’s online resource for the process to update the district’s strategic plan.

We began work to update the district’s strategic plan in late 2012 with a series of public meetings that allowed facilitators to collect input from our staff, students and members of our community.  This inclusive process has continued with a series of updates, surveys and outreach sessions in the district.  Feedback collected in person and online was carefully reviewed and used in the process to update the district’s strategic plan.

The key elements of the plan – the mission, vision, core beliefs and goals were updated to incorporate feedback received in public meetings, parent and student gatherings, and our online surveys.

At its February meeting, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors unanimously approved the updated key elements that are the basis for an updated districtwide strategic plan.  The newly approved key elements are as follows:

Mission Statement:

Milwaukee Public Schools is a diverse district that welcomes all students, preparing them for success in higher education, post-educational opportunities, work, and citizenship.

Vision Statement:

Milwaukee Public Schools will be among the highest student growth school systems in the country*. All district staff will be committed to providing an educational environment that is child-centered, supports achievement, and respects diversity.  Schools will be safe, welcoming, well-maintained and accessible community centers meeting the needs of all.  Relevant, rigorous and successful instructional programs will be recognized and replicated. The district and its schools will collaborate with students, families and community for the benefit of all.

*The phrase “will be among the highest student growth school systems in the country” was proposed by MPS Administration to reflect efforts to increase student achievement rates in a district that utilizes measures such as the value-added model, one of the models for marking the amount of academic progress students make by measuring growth between two points in time.

Core Beliefs

  1. Students come first.
  2. Wherever students are learning is the most important place in the district.
  3. Educators and school staffs have high expectations for all students, and provide the foundation for their academic success.
  4. Leadership, educator development and child-driven data-informed decision making are keys to student achievement.
  5. Involved families are integral to increasing student achievement.
  6. Student voice is encouraged and respected.
  7. Quality community partnerships add value.
  8. Increased operational and financial efficiencies are consistently pursued to support learning opportunities for our students.
  9. Central Services supports student achievement, efficient and effective operations, and student, family and community engagement.


  • Goal 1: Academic Achievement
  • Goal 2: Student, Family and Community Engagement
  • Goal 3: Effective and Efficient Operations

Please click here for printable versions of the district’s key elements in English, Spanish and Hmong:

The information and ideas that we have gleaned from our in-person sessions and our online outreach has been immensely helpful and we will continue to encourage your feedback.

Please continue to let us know your thoughts and provide any questions you may have, by writing us at