Tier 2


Tier 2 support is provided in addition to Tier 1 support. Intervention at this level is instruction through the use of research based intervention, programs and instructional strategies, matched to behavioral and/ or specific academic needs of some students. Tier 2 is designed to support students whose performance is above or below the district benchmark decision point on universal screener(s) and validated through stage 2 screening. Tier 2 support capacity is approximately 5-15% of the student population for whom Tier 1 services alone are not sufficient.

Tier 2

Movement between Tier 1 and Tier 2 is fluid and flexible. Adequate time should be given for the Tier 1 instructional program to be implemented before determining if Tier 2 support is needed. The structure of Tier 2 is designed to provide efficient and effective systems for school staff members to provide appropriate academic and/or positive behavioral interventions to students who need additional assistance.

RtI/ PBIS Tier 2/3 Students with Disabilities FAQ


System of Supports

Tier 2 academic interventions are typically provided by general education classroom teachers, but may be provided by an individual trained to facilitate the chosen intervention.  Tier 2 behavioral interventions are typically provided by but not limited to school support staff including; School Psychologists, School Social Workers and/or School Guidance Counselors.

Tier 2 includes but is not limited to the following supports:

  • Research based  intervention with explicit instruction in an identified skill or set of skills
  • Curriculum compacting
  • Tiered Lessons
  • Advanced Level Courses (Advanced Placement, Honors, International Baccalaureate)
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Computer assisted learning program
  • Standard Treatment protocol
  • Linguistically and culturally appropriate instructional practice
  • Interventions for English Language Learners- focused in English language development and/or scaffolded instruction, including ample contextual clues to help with comprehension and/or specific literacy interventions in the instructed language and include an oracy component.
  • Check In/Check Out (CICO) with or w/out personalized features
  • Social Skills Academic Intervention Group (SAIG)
  • Simple Behavior Intervention Plan(BIP)
  • Parent notification, communication, and collaboration
  • Community partnerships, such as City Year, provide strategic tutoring after school as an additional Tier 2 support (not in place of an intervention during the day).