“Our goals are simple. I can sum them up in ten words: Student achievement, effective and efficient operations, student and family support. While the goals are simple, the work is complex and it never ends. We work hard because what we do means everything to the health and success of the children.”

-Dr. Gregory E. Thornton, Superintendent
Milwaukee Public Schools

The Milwaukee Public Schools RtI vision incorporates three overriding goals to ensure all MPS students succeed academically and behaviorally. These goals are:

  1. Ensuring high quality teachers and leaders in every school.
  2. Improving student performance.
  3. Ensuring accountability at the district, school, and student




Response to Instruction/Intervention (RtI) is an organizational framework that guides implementation of a multi-level system of support to achieve academic and behavioral success for all. The RtI framework includes three essential elements:

  • high quality instruction,
  • balanced assessment, and
  • collaboration

These essential elements, embedded with culturally responsive practices and supported by leadership and organizational structures, interact within a multi-level system of support.