Electronic Scanning

Electronic screening using hand-held or walk-through metal detectors may be conducted at middle and high schools when there is reasonable cause to believe that the safety of students or others may be in question. Students shall be scanned only by staff of the same sex when hand-held metal detectors are used. Students’ possessions, such as jackets, book bags, backpacks and purses, may also be searched and scanned using a hand-held metal detector. If the student or an object in the student’s possession triggers the metal detector, the student shall be asked to remove the object and the scan shall be repeated. If, after conducting the search with the metal detectors, it is determined that the object that triggered the detector is not a weapon, there shall be no further search of the student or his/her possessions. If a student refuses to remove an object that is triggering the metal detector, the staff may escort the student to a private area and conduct a pat-down search to determine what the object is. If it is then determined that the object is not a weapon, the search shall end; otherwise, the staff shall attempt to determine what is triggering the alarm and shall, if necessary, contact the police. When a pat-down search is conducted, it shall be conducted by a staff member of the same sex with a second staff person present. Designated school officials conduct all searches, unless it is necessary to involve law enforcement officers.