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Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Families:

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer. As we begin another new school year, I want to bring to your attention some of the exciting changes we’re making to increase our efforts to improve achievement, operate more efficiently and support our families.

We are continuing to implement our Comprehensive Literacy Plan and Comprehensive Math/Science Plan. Both are aligned to the rigorous Common Core State Standards, which set a clear, high bar for what students should master at each grade level while eliminating the gap between what students have learned and what they need to know to succeed.

As we implement the Common Core State Standards, we’re expanding the use of the Standards-Based Report Card in elementary and K-8 schools that clearly outlines the learning expectations at each child’s grade and how each student is progressing. I believe you’ll find this report card to be a valuable tool. If your school is participating, you will receive additional information throughout the school year and can learn more by visiting

We’re also increasing college and career readiness through our College Access Centers, which help demystify the process of applying to college. You can find more information, including locations and hours of operation here.

Three District Parent Resource Centers at North Division High School, South Division High School (bilingual services in Spanish) and Washington High School of Information Technology (bilingual services in Hmong) make it even more convenient for parents to receive assistance.

Parents can get additional information at home by using the online Parent Assistant to check students’ progress at

Please take the time to read this document as a family to better understand our commitment to a free, public education and the responsibilities — for parents, students and the district — that come with it. Thank you for choosing Milwaukee Public Schools and for your commitment to the education of your children.

Gregory Thornton, Ed.D., Superintendent

District Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs

Vision: Milwaukee Public Schools will be among the highest-performing urban public school districts in the country, providing rigorous, high-quality learning opportunities for students. Schools will enable lifelong learning among students, families, educators and other staff focused on continuous improvement. Teaching will be child-centered, based on research-proven methods, and aligned to high academic standards; it will meet the learning needs of individual students. The district, its schools, and its employees will be accountable for measurable gains in student achievement.

Schools will be safe centers of community activity that are welcoming, well maintained, and accessible. Children will be provided maximum educational opportunities to become responsible citizens who make positive contributions to their communities. The district and its schools will strengthen partnerships with families and those in the community who influence and affect students and families.

Mission: Milwaukee Public Schools educates all students for success in higher education, careers and responsible citizenship so that MPS is the first choice for families.