Vision Teacher


Basic function:  Itinerant teachers provide a supportive service to children with visual impairments in regular and special education classrooms.  Itinerant teachers travel from school to school to provide special education and vision adaptations and modifications to instructional strategies and techniques.  Occasionally they visit student’s homes to provide special education and vision adaptations and modifications.  This enables the student to fully realize her/his educational potential.

Major duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist regular education teachers in understanding the needs and learning characteristics of students with visual impairments.
  • Interpret specific eye conditions and results of functional vision assessments.
  • Assist in making environmental adjustments in the school.
  • Provide assistance to classroom teachers regarding curriculum and activities of the classroom that, as a direct result of the student’s visual impairment, require adaptation or reinforcement for the student.
  • Obtain large print or Braille textbooks.
  • Provide low vision aides and instruct in skills for use.
  • Instruct in visual skills.
  • Share in the development and implementation of the IEP.
  • Share responsibility for ongoing assessment and program planning.
  • When not providing direct services to a student, consulting services are provided to the primary classroom teacher and others when needed.
  • Maintain contact with parents to assist them in the development of a realistic understanding of their child’s abilities, progress, and future goals.
  • Share resources and educational information with parents concerning students with a visual impairment.
  • Provide inservice training programs when needed.
  • Keep in contact with other personnel, such as transcribers, readers, counselors, O & M specialists, career/vocational education staff, and rehabilitation counselors when needed.
  • Maintain knowledge of current issues and methodologies within the field, through conventions, publications, and correspondence with other professionals.


  • A current five year or life time license in vision (825) issued by the Wisconsin of Department of Public Instruction.
  • A minimum of three years teaching experience as a fully certified vision teacher.

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