Standards-Based Report Card

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Dear parents/guardians,

As Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) continues to improve teaching and learning for all students, we know that parents and families are our most valuable partner.

This is especially true as the district continues to implement new, more rigorous standards for what every child should know and be able to do in each subject area and grade level. The Common Core State Standards, to which MPS’ Comprehensive Literacy Plan and Comprehensive Math/Science Plan are aligned, set high expectations. Achieving these career- and college-ready standards requires continuous monitoring of progress and additional support targeted to those who need it.

Like teachers, parents need accurate and meaningful information about student strengths, challenges and performance to better understand and support student learning.

To that end, MPS has developed this report card that is directly connected to the Common Core State Standards. The Standards-Based Report Card, which MPS began implementing in 2010–11, has been viewed by parents, families and teachers as a positive step in better communicating what students are expected to learn at each grade level — and information about their child’s work habits, behavior and effort.

Your child’s school is now participating in the use of the new report card. This report card is different than report cards you might be used to. Students do not receive a letter grade for each subject.

The Standards-Based Report Card:

  • Clarifies and reinforces consistent high expectations for students and schools.
  • Helps teachers, students and families focus on standards throughout the year.
  • Provides specific feedback on progress to the standards so students, families and teachers can work together to set meaningful goals for improvement.

Additional support at home and school can reinforce the concepts and knowledge learned based on the information in the Standards-Based Report Card.

This document is designed to help you better understand your child’s report card. Please make good use of this document and bring it to parent-teacher conferences. It will be especially helpful come report card time. Please contact your child’s school if you have additional questions.


Gregory E. Thornton, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Christina Flood
Chief Academic Officer